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Tell the Others podcast interview with Heidi Rogers

Ever wondered why you react the way you do? Or what's behind the quote 'mind-body connection'?

Join Heidi for the answers as she dives into Polyvagal Theory with Justin Sunseri of the Stuck Not Broken podcast. Justin shares his expertise on all things Polyvagal Theory, and explores the connection between our behaviors, emotions and the way we respond.

Here are the things to expect in the episode:

  • What is Polyvagal Theory and how is it used in therapy?

  • What are the benefits of Polyvagal Theory?

  • Polyvagal Theory: A new way of seeing yourself.

  • The human condition: We are all on a quest for trust and safety.

  • Understanding our body and brain how it responds to survive.

  • The role of co-regulation.

  • The life-changing power of therapy.

  • Why is it important to find the right therapist?

  • Bad experiences with therapists and how to recognize them.

  • Polyvagal Theory and how we can apply it to yoga and meditation.

Show notes:

  • Justin's introduction and his therapy practices. [1:26]

  • When was Justin's interest in Polyvagal Theory started? [3:00]

  • What is Justin's first impression of Polyvagal Theory? [5:00]

  • Why do teachers and parents need to know about trauma? [7:08]

  • What is the Polyvagal Theory in simple terms? [8:56]

  • Understanding why Polyvagal Theory is important. [11:38]

  • How Justin explains polyvagal to his clients. [12:55]

  • Explaining Polyvagal Theory to people should be simple. [19:01]

  • The most common responses of people to sexual assault. [21:31]

  • Polyvagal's gift. [26:33]

  • Co-regulation: Definition and examples. [36:53]

  • The power of therapy and a good therapist - magical to many people. [41:45]

  • How to recognize a bad therapist. [51:36]

  • Client-therapist relationships and expectations. [53:05]

  • Encouragement to those dealing with emotional dysregulation. [56:57]

  • The benefits of being well-regulated. [1:03:37]

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