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Work with me.

Become Polyvagal-informed through working directly with me in 1:1 consultation. Clear trauma recovery knowledge and practical techniques in your professional capacity.


You'e a self-motivated practitioner who takes your client work seriously. Now you've learned about the Polyvagal Theory and you're ready to deepen your learning and application into your therapy practice. Yes, it's a big task, but you're ready for it. I can help you to incorporate your Polyvagal learnings into what you're already great at.

Big changes are coming.

If you're like me, you're going to need to keep brushing up on the fundamentals and rethinking your therapeutic style. It helps to have someone to consult with as you undergo this dramatic shift in your practice. I'll help you navigate and avoid the mistakes that I made when I first started in my own dramatic shift.

Reassurance, clarity, & guidance.

You're ready for more.

How I help.

Individual attention

1:1 allows me to focus directly on you and your knowledge and application needs.

Targeted change

Working 1:1 allows me to target a specific area of professional growth with you.


Not just an enthusiast. I'm a Polyvagal Institute Editorial Board Member.


I can help you apply PVT to your professional knowledge in therapy, parenting, and more.

Consultation is not

  • clinical supervision; no hours will be signed for

  • legal advice

  • therapy

Consultation is

This is a chance to meet with me 1:1 and consult with me about your understanding and application of the Polyvagal Theory and other topics in your therapeutic practice.

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