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What to expect

If you listen to the podcast, you know I can present complex ideas in plain language.  I do the same as a speaker, using my real life anecdotes from my work as a therapist in numerous settings.  You also know that I can present about trauma... without being traumatic.  I don't use specific details of traumatic events.  It's just not necessary.

Informative, fun & interactive

I don't just stand and talk.  I use many tools throughout the presentation to boost audience involvement:

  • live polls - Audiences can use their preferred devices to interact with polling software anonymously.  The results are shown on a big screen immediately, creating a fun experience that is free of judgment.

  • video & audio clips - You'd be surprised at how effective a clip from the Office can be at showing defensive autonomic states.  Or how Ferris Bueller's Day Off can be the perfect example of vocal prosody.

  • large & small group discussion - I fluctuate between the two based on how much time is available and the participation level of the audience.  For example, I found an audience of police officers to be reluctant to speak in a large group, so I switched to the small group, which they had a much easier time with.  And then I used that to transition back to a large group format.

  • fun "experiments" - things that are done in vivo to experience state shifts, like talking to a partner while the other is not allowed to show facial expression.

Cross promotion

As part of the speaking fee, I can advertise to my listeners and followers about the event and where they can learn more about your organization.  Typically, it will be mentioned in:

  • my "Announcements" portion of the podcast 

  • Instagram Stories and grid post(s)

  • blog post along with new content created from the event

My listener, reader and follower base is rapidly growing daily.  This is a very niche group of individuals that are absorbing information on the Polyvagal Theory, mental health and somatic healing.


I request to record and use the audio/video of the presentation, which will be further opportunity to advertise and cross-promote for both of our purposes.

  • 19,000+ followers

  • 1,000,000+ downloads

  • 4,000+ CPM

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