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Therapist & Coach obsessed with the Polyvagal Theory

I'm dedicated to mental health and trauma recovery. If you're exploring the practical uses of Polyvagal Theory, you're in the right place. Since 2007, I've worked with individuals, couples, and families, helping them overcome trauma, substance use, relationship issues, self-harm, and more. I'm a proud father of two, a devoted husband, and a coffee lover. In my spare time, I appreciate Swiss-style design, cheer on the 49ers, and enjoy everything Seinfeld.

Hi, I'm Justin.

Decades of neglect.

Psychology has neglected the body for decades. Instead, the field has focused on creating new labels for those seeking help, modifying cognitions, training behavior, and building insight. This neglect has created an unending supply of repackaged interventions that continue to build on a shaky foundation. My content and courses provide you rock-solid trauma recovery knowledge infused with somatic interventions.

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My "Stuck Not Broken" mission is to change how you view mental health, reduce reliance on abstract psychobabble, and help you embrace yourself with compassion. I'll teach foundational knowledge, how to feel safe in your body, and how to release inner emotional pain. I provide free resources using clear design and language. I believe everyone should experience their full range of emotions. My approach focuses on practical teaching and strategies, empowering you to connect with yourself and others directly.

my mission:

Kind of an obsession.

Once I learned about and deeply studied the Polyvagal Theory, how I understood and practiced therapy changed fundamentally. I now see my clients (and myself) as people stuck in an autonomic nervous system state of defense, like flight/fight, freeze, or shutdown. 

I think the PVT should be standard knowledge for any therapist today. My Polyvagal obsession motivates me to create numerous free resources for therapists or anyone interested. They can all be found on this website, like the podcast and blog.

  • "I'm exhausted."

  • "I'm fed up!"

  • "I just want to hide."


You've found the right place. I'll help clarify your feelings, reduce self-judgment, and guide you toward emotional balance.

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sound familiar?

One subscription.
Total access.

Stuck on your trauma recovery journey? The Total Access Membership provides the tools and connections to move forward.

I think you're stuck.
Not broken.

I don't believe you're broken. You might believe that. But I simply can't join you. You can improve your life. You are capable of doing so. The issue here is being stuck. Stuck in a defensive autonomic state: flight, fight, shut down, or freeze. You're stuck. Not broken. There is hope.


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