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Connect the Polyvagal Theory to Trauma

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Help with trauma recovery.

Trauma relief is broken down and manageable in three distinct phases. Choose which phase is most appropriate for you.

Learn simply.

My clients and podcast listeners often tell me that simply learning the Polyvagal Theory provided them with an explanation they needed. One that is free of judgment or blame. It opens their ability to get to the next phase.

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Phase 1

My most popular freebies.


Trauma ebook

To easily learn the Polyvagal Theory and connect it to trauma, this is the book! Sign up for my email list to get access.


Polyvagal checklist

Use this one-sheet to guide you in your Polyvagal learning. As you learn about each item, check it off and move on to the next. You can find it in the free Members' Center.


Polyvagal Intro

The perfect resource to begin your Polyvagal education. All of the essentials together in one place plus links for further (and free!) learning.

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