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Wild Path

Get started on trauma recovery.

I've broken the trauma recovery journey into three phases. Choose which phase is most appropriate for you.

Learn simply.

Phase 1

Clients and podcast listeners often tell me that simply learning the Polyvagal Theory provided them with an explanation they needed. One that is free of judgment or blame. It opens their ability to get to the next phase.

Polyvagal Intro

Polyvagal for beginners

Free Learning Hubs

presentation playlist

safety playlist

safety blog

Safety Learning Hub

safety course

trauma relief playlist

unhealthy coping

nervous system blog

trauma relief course

My most popular freebies.

Polyvagal intro

My Polyvagal Intro page is the perfect launchpad to begin learning.

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The free Member's Center has curated Learning Hubs and downloads.

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I teach about Polyvagal Theory and mental health on the Stuck Not Broken podcast.

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Out Now

Stuck Not Broken: Book 1 is now available!


Learn the Polyvagal Theory clearly and simply. Understand yourself without shame, blame, or judgment.

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