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I help you get unstuck to feel calm, confident, and connected.

You don't want to leave anything to chance in your trauma recovery or personal development. Hire me as your personal guide to ensure you're learning and applying effectively.

You've done it all, I believe you. You're motivated to make a change and ready to focus and work with someone who is truly trauma and Polyvagal-informed. Someone to make sure that you stay on your path and are fully equipped to handle whatever comes your way. 

You've done "the work."
And you're tired of it.

"I came in to Justin's program with a need for help with executive functioning. Rather than working with each specific skill I am lacking, Justin's focus is on the underlying cause. I am quickly finding that the skills I thought I was lacking have been there all this time, and they are quickly coming back online in my work with Justin."

- Beth

Coaching solidifies the knowledge you've already gained through my courses and free content. Go from general knowledge to highly specific application to your life.

More confidence in your trauma recovery & self-development.

Work with Justin 1:1.

$150 per session

  • flat rate with no packages, no minimum sessions

  • pay for what you need as you need it


"...will coaching actually help?"

I'll bring the expertise. You bring your readiness.

We will work together on this. I can provide you with my expert level Polyvagal Theory, trauma recovery and self-development knowledge and tailor it specifically to your needs.

" I really need coaching?"

Coaching can be helpful for the person that wants the assurance that they are on the right path on their journey. They know where they want to end up, but have some doubts about implementing what they have learned.

This person is highly motivated, but might have some insecurity and wants to take comfort in knowing they are working with an expert that wants them to succeed and never need to work with a Coach again!

Not sure? That's okay.

You can schedule​ a no-pressure no-sales chat with me. I promise - zero pressure. I will never ask you to pay during these chats. I am purely there to answer any general questions you have about working with me as your Coach.

Schedule a chat >


Do I also need to be in your courses?

No, but it's highly recommended. The courses give you access to all of my knowledge to use any time you want. Learn from the courses, implement the skills, and then refine them through Coaching.

Is this like therapy? Are you my therapist?

No, Coaching and therapy are different. We won't be spending any time on diagnosis, insight-building, or psychobabble.

What if I just want one meeting?

That's fine! We'll discuss your current presenting problems and identify clear, actionable next steps.

This might be an ideal option if you are in my courses and need 1:1 coaching on a specific aspect.

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