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trauma recovery journey

Assurance & Accountability.

You don't want to leave anything to chance in your trauma recovery. You can hire me as your personal guide to ensure you're learning and applying effectively.

1:1 Coaching

Highly individualized collaboration, identifying and addressing obstacles that come up for you during the coursework. I will also be giving you specific recommendations on what steps to take next, building on and refining what you are learning.

Private Client discussion group

You and my other Coaching Clients will have constant access to the shared private discussion group to ask questions and provide support.

Progress logs

You will be tracking your progress on your larger Coaching goal, smaller homework goals and course completion through your personal progress log.

Constant Contact Coaching

Numerous touch points to ensure your success: bi-weekly 1:1 sessions, bi-weekly course Meetups for all students, a private discussion group for Coaching Clients and a personal progress log. I am very active with my Clients and ensuring they get the relief they deserve.

Work with me for $1200/3mo

Not sure? That's okay.

You can schedule​ a no-pressure no-sales chat with me. I promise - zero pressure. I will never ask you to pay during these chats. I am purely there to answer any questions that you have about the PTRS:Coaching option.

Coaching begins immediately

The $1,200 Coaching subscription covers 3 months. During that three months, you will meet with me 6 times for individual sessions. We will immediately schedule our sessions and get to work.

You can connect with me between sessions in the private Coaching discussion group, where you will share progress, ask questions and connect with other Clients.

Coaching +
Courses +

PTRS:Coaching gives you access to the final piece that you might need for your trauma recovery - expert level, individual guidance. Plus the courses. Plus the community.


Work directly with me in 1:1 Coaching sessions. These are highly individualized, addressing your specific goals and needs.


Your courses remain with you for life, a resource you can always return to.


Lifetime access to the private discussion group and Stucknaut Meetups Q&A.

Start now.

Option 1: Schedule a chat with me

You might just want to see me face to face and make sure that you're making the right decision. That's totally fine with me. I'll greet you with a smile and my eye crinkles and answer any questions you might have as you make the decision to invest in yourself. I promise - no sales pressure.

Schedule a chat with me >

Option 2: Become a Client today

If you know what you want and are ready to take the next step, buy Coaching now through the button below.



PTRS:Coaching is truly comprehensive, including numerous touch points with me throughout your 3 month subscription. You will never be left wondering what to work on or how to implement what you are learning. You are getting regular and direct access to all of my expertise: Polyvagal Theory, trauma and somatic mind/body techniques and a private community.

Do I also need to buy your courses?

To be in PTRS:Coaching with me, you need to be a student of either Building Safety Anchors and/or Unstucking Defensive States. PTRS:C is an add-on option for my courses.

Is this like therapy? Are you my therapist?

No, Coaching and therapy are different. We won't be spending any time on insight-building. Coaching is focused on the present and the future goals that you are working toward regarding your trauma recovery. Coaching is built on the PTRS curriculum and ensuring that you are getting everything you can out of PTRS.

Why only 3 months?

It's a long enough interval to see benefit, but also a good time to pause and make changes to the larger Coaching goal. I prefer regularly checking on the progress my Clients are making, then making the decision to continue working together if it's still necessary to do so. 

"focus is on the underlying cause"

"I came in to Justin's program with a need for help with executive functioning. Rather than working with each specific skill I am lacking, Justin's focus is on the underlying cause. I am quickly finding that the skills I thought I was lacking have been there all this time, and they are quickly coming back online in my work with Justin."


"on a daily basis"

"Justin does not over-sell or over-promise. On a daily basis, he provides me with ongoing encouragement, accountability, and actionable suggestions tailored to my current progress and needs."


"exceeded my expectations"

"Justin asked for a relatively short-term commitment, and I chose to view this as an opportunity to invest in myself, knowing that if it didn't meet my expectations, I could back out quietly. Justin's coaching has exceeded my expectations, to the point that I feel bad for how little I am paying for his time and expertise." (Beth paid a Founder's Rate of $1,000)


"curiosity & caring"

"Justin approaches coaching with genuine curiosity and caring. I have no regrets on the money I have invested in his coaching service."


You've done all the trauma work.

And I don't want you to wait any longer for change either.


You've done it all, I believe you. You're motivated to make change and ready to focus and work with someone who is truly trauma and Polyvagal-informed. Someone to make sure that you stay on your path and are fully equipped to handle whatever comes your way. You want access to expertise, guidance, comprehensive courses and community.

Coaching with Justin

Coaching with me is an optional add-on service for my course students. Coaching provides the accountability, encouragement and peer support that you need to ensure your success through my Polyvagal Trauma Relief System.

(I call it PTRS:Coaching, by the way. Or PTRS:C.)

Who is Coaching for?

PTRS:C is made specifically for that person that is ready for accelerated and individualized trauma recovery. The person that is tired of wasting time. The person that is fed up with everything else they've tried.

More confidence in your trauma recovery.

You will have the confidence in knowing that your trauma relief journey is truly comprehensive. Coaching solidifies the knowledge you get from the courses and enables you to accelerate your journey with individualized attention.

Constant contact coaching

PTRS:C includes multiple touch-points directly with me as your trauma recovery Coach. I provide individualized accountability and availability even in between sessions. It is essential to me that you receive high-quality and consistent touch points with me. I do this through both our scheduled sessions and your progress logs.

Therapist Justin Sunseri

"But..." I really need Coaching?

Coaching can be helpful for the person that wants the assurance that they are on the right path on their journey. They know where they want to end up, but have some doubts about how they are understanding or implementing the courses.

This person is highly motivated, but might have some insecurity and wants to take comfort in knowing they are working with an expert that wants them to succeed and never need to work with a Coach again!

...will Coaching actually help?

I believe I have created the most comprehensive, accessible and immediately usable course system that you will ever be a part of, based on my expertise of the Polyvagal Theory and somatic mind-body trauma work.


And the Coaching component solidifies it, taking the experience to the next level with a high level of collaboration, constant touch-points with me and your peers who are in the same boat as you.

What to expect.

Constant Contact Coaching

Bi-weekly 1:1 sessions, private Coaching discussion group, personal progress logs and access to general student meetups and discussion.

Expert level trauma recovery

You've binge-listened to the podcast already. Now I bring that expertise to your specific stuck defensive state.

Accountability & Encouragement

I'm very active with my community and my Clients. I want you to succeed and never have to hire me again!

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