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Course Catalogue

Trauma recovery courses are available solo or in Total Access.

Polyvagal 101

Learn the Polyvagal Theory clearly in under 2 hours.

Building Safety Anchors

Identify, access and build the strength of your Polyvagal safety state.

Unstucking Defensive States

Actively and mindfully relieve your stuck defensive state.

Stuck Not Broken:
Total Access

Courses & Community membership subscription

One subscription for all of my trauma recovery courses and private community.

$90 for 3 months

$300 for one year (2 months free)

Trauma Relief System

$800 (save $150)

All 3 of my trauma recovery courses are available in one System. Save yourself $150 by getting them all at once. Or join the Total Access Membership to get access to all courses as well.

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