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My courses are available as individual purchases, a course package, or in the Total Access Membership subscription.

Trauma Relief System

$800 (save $150)

The Polyvagal Trauma Relief System combines all three of my trauma recovery courses. When you purchase PTRS, you save $150.

PTRS is also available in the Total Access Membership.

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& More!

The Total Access Membership includes other goodies, too:

  • bi-monthly live Q&A Meetups with Justin

  • a private podcast with exclusive audio

  • resource center

  • course downloads


Join my small, private community of people on a trauma recovery journey, just like you. You won't be alone and will always have a place to ask questions, share your thoughts, or get a few words of encouragement.


Access all three of my trauma recovery courses to learn simply and clearly.

  • Polyvagal 101

  • Building Safety Anchors

  • Unstucking Defensive States

Trauma recovery courses & community in one subscription.

Stuck on your trauma recovery journey? The Total Access Membership provides the tools and connections to move forward.

Trauma recovery courses

Total Access Membership

Total Access unlocks all three trauma recovery courses and a lot more.

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Polyvagal 101

Learn the Polyvagal Theory clearly in under two hours.

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Building Safety Anchors

Identify, access and build the strength of your Polyvagal safety state.

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Unstucking Defensive States

Actively and mindfully relieve your stuck defensive state.

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