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Calm Sea

Trauma Recovery
without the overwhelm
& confusion.

Focus your efforts on effective courses and community with a singular purpose - getting unstuck!

You want simplicity.

Trauma recovery confusion and overwhelm stops here.

You're tired of chasing down trauma recovery and wellness information. You want everything you need in one bundle: courses that make sense, reliable expertise from someone you trust, and a community of like-minded people with the same goal - getting unstuck.

Total Access gives you the knowledge & connections to get unstuck.

Trauma recovery courses

You will have access to my entire Polyvagal Trauma Relief System:

  • Polyvagal 101

  • Building Safety Anchors

  • Unstucking Defensive States

Private community

You'll be a member of the Stucknaut Collective:

  • connect with me

  • daily growth challenges

  • connect with accountability partner(s)

Meet with me

Twice a month, I host virtual meetups for open Q&A to address any questions you have about courses or my content.

Stuck Not Broken:
Total Access

Courses & Community membership subscription

Build on what you trust.

You've spent countless hours with me in the podcast, videos, and blog. It's time to take your trauma recovery to the next level. Get all of my trauma recovery knowledge and techniques in one affordable subscription.

The courses provide the knowledge you need, from the Polyvagal Theory to building your safety state to actively relieving your trauma. The community ensures you are not alone on your journey. And you will have many touch points with me to clarify any questions you have along the way.

Reduce your overwhelm. Connect with others.

Get unstuck.

Learn with clarity
Connect with others like you
Grow at your own pace

Total Access may not be for you...

I'll be honest. Other subscription-based models will provide you with more: more topics, more theories, more speakers, more mini-courses, more handouts, more downloads, more and more and more.

But Total Access is more focused. It provides necessary knowledge and support built on my Polyvagal Trauma Relief System.

Total Access is perfect for the person that wants less clutter and more focus.

Connect with a supportive community.

Meetups 2x/mo for Q&A
Stuck Buddies if you want to partner with someone
Daily Growth Challenges

All my trauma recovery courses.

Polyvagal 101

Gain a clear and simple understanding of the Polyvagal Theory in under 2 hours. Reduce shame, blame, and judgment.

Building Safety Anchors

Access and build your body's natural capacity for safety. Trauma disconnects us from this natural self-regulation experience, but it can be learned and developed. This is the essential and always overlooked phase in trauma recovery.

Unstucking Defensive States

Actively feel and relieve your stuck defensive state with confidence and curiosity. Yes, it's possible. Finally get unstuck and live with emotional flexibility and freedom.


Nothing less...
I really go deep in my life patterns and I can say that now, I am more occupied to LIVE my life, practicing what I learned and OMGosh it's AMAZING !!!!
I connect simply with my neighbours 😅, I can walk in the city without feeling in danger, or panick everytime I meet a man or a crowd!!! 
I feel safe, confident AF, my body is straight when I walk (I dont look at my feet), I laugh, I look everywhere.
I'M MY TRUESELF for the first time of my life and this makes me cry.
Justin, you impact me as much in your programs as in your newsletters. THANK YOU


$950 lifetime access

Individual Courses

Best for you if you want the courses only and don't want to feel rushed. You can also subscribe to the community when and if you are ready to.

  • Polyvagal 101 - $150

  • Building Safety Anchors - $400

  • Unstucking Defensive States - $400


View my course catalogue here >

$300/yr or $90/3mo

Total Access Membership

Courses + Community

This option is best if you are ready to make a change TODAY. You can start learning, connect with others, and make progress immediately. If you're tired of wasting time, and being overwhelmed, and are ready to focus on making progress, this is for you.

To my Fellow Stucknauts:

I've heard this from my audience too many times - "Your courses cost too much." Okay, I've heard you and I get it.


Hence, the Total Access Membership - all my courses and my community in one affordable subscription. Plus access to me during bi-weekly Q&As. Total Access addresses everything necessary to get unstuck. And it's more affordable than buying the courses individually.

I can't wait to see you in the community. Don't hesitate to ask me a question if you have it —


FAQ: Discounts & Refunds

Will I get to own all the courses?

No. You will have access to the courses for as long as you are a paid subscriber. If you end your Total Access membership, you will no longer have access to the courses. If you purchased any courses before becoming a member, you will retain access to that course.

If I already own courses, do I get a discount?

There are no discounts if you already own one, or even all of my courses. You will continue to own those courses you have already purchased, regardless of if you join Total Access or not. You can join the community only here.

I bought Total Access but am not using it, can I get a refund?

Total Access is non-refundable and non-transferable. Likewise, I am unable to pause membership access. Please be sure you'd like to join before you purchase.

Learn & apply practical self-regulation skills to get unstuck with clarity and support.

Join me and a private community of people just like you. People that are Fellow Stucknauts taking their trauma recovery to the next stage - learning simply and applying practically.

FAQ: Current Students

Can I exchange a course I bought for Total Access?

No, I am unable to exchange individual course purchases for Total Access membership or vice versa.

I already own courses. Can I just subscribe to the community?

My earliest students already have community access. Just message me and I will check. New students will not have community access unless they subscribe to the community. Total Access provides community and courses.

If I violate community guidelines, will I lose access to my purchased courses?

If you violate my Community Guidelines you will be removed from the course community spaces and your direct messages will be turned off. You will continue to have access to the courses.

FAQ: Guidelines & Policies

Do people share their trauma stories in the community?

No. And it's against the guidelines to do so. If they do, I will remove the post/comment and privately communicate with them.

Do you have community guidelines?

Yup! You can read them here.

Do you have an age requirement?

All community members must be at least 18 years old to join.

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