Polyvagal Trauma
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Learn with clarity, build safety & get unstuck

In production and near completion, lessons released as they are completed.

From defense to

being present

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You've tried everything.

You've been to therapy, tried different therapists and different modalities, you've subscribed to the social media gurus, you've done webinars, been on meds, read books, been on retreats, maybe tried hallucinogens, researched on YouTube and maybe even tried someone else's course (or maybe a couple others). 

I believe you. You've tried everything.

But not this.

This is different.

PTRS is different. It's designed from the ground up on the Polyvagal Theory. It's PVT-informed to its core; the Theory is not just slapped on to the course because it's popular right now.

You know from my podcast that the PVT is my obsession. Not just something interesting or a niche. I unlearned a lot of what I was taught and don't include pop psych concepts in this course. This is 100% PVT to the core.

100% focused on the real you.

In the PTRS, we will spend zero time on your "parts" or your "inner child" or "ego" or "shadow self" or "future self" or building insight or [fill in the popular trend here]. If that's your thing, PTRS is not a good fit for you.

PTRS is 100% about you. The real you that exists right now and is reading these words. It's the concepts and techniques that I bring to my therapy sessions, packaged for you to do on your own time.

You're not alone.

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Getting relief is not easy, especially if you're alone in your efforts. Feeling connected to others in this process is important for climbing your Polyvagal ladder.

You'll be able to meet with me and other members once a month for the Open Office Hour and communicate with myself and a private group of other PTRS participants. Getting clarification, asking questions about the course or sharing your successes is always okay.

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Experience more freedom

PTRS teaches and guides you in building your capacity to self-regulate out of your stuck defensive state. As you get less stuck, you will experience more emotional freedom, clarity of thought and empathy for yourself and others.

Reduce your defensive state

PTRS will give you more ability to feel your "negative" feelings without judgment and then climb your Polyvagal ladder actively. It teaches and guides you through identifying, feeling and being with anxiety, anger, depression and more.

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About your Relief Guide

Hi, I'm Justin Sunseri, a Psychotherapist that is obsessed with the Polyvagal Theory and helping traumatized individuals get relief from their stuck defensive state.

I'll be your teacher and guide through PTRS, from gaining a truly clear and full understanding of the theory, to building your safety state and even directly relieving your trauma.

Contact me

It's absolutely okay to contact me and discuss PTRS. You can do so through email or even schedule a call and we discuss whether it's a fit for you or not. Seriously, it's important to me that this system is paired with the right people.


Relief in 3 phases.

Online Class

Phase 1

Learn the Polyvagal Theory in Polyvagal 101

I teach the PVT based on my studies and application of the primary sources and make it understandable the first time.

Learn more about PVT101 >

Interesting, felt sense, body work, this biology info is news I can use vs a lot trauma info out there. Thanks!


A clearer understanding of the fundamentals of the polyvagal theory and its relationship with trauma.​


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Phase 2

Build your safety state in Building Safety Anchors

This is a crucial step that typical trauma courses neglect. Building the safety state is essential for the 3rd phase.

Learn more about BSA >

...it was my first real breakthrough and I continue to gain understanding of polyvagal theory and how integral it is to my condition and potential healing!!! You have a very unique take,  presentation and safe presence!!!​


I’m finding that I’m integrating little bits and pieces throughout my day and finding the things that help me to stay present. Once I shifted from thinking that this would help me get rid of my dysregulated feelings to thinking of it as making a bigger container for the feelings that were already there, I began to find it all more helpful.


Breathing Meditation

Phase 3

Get unstuck with Unstucking Defensive States

Actively feel your stuck defensive state, mindfully experience it and allow the natural process
of self-regulation.

Learn more about UDS >

This is seriously amazing. I haven't seen anything like it before.​


The whole thing presents getting unstuck from a perspective I haven't seen before... This is really great! It's so hard to figure out how to apply PVT, so all these ideas
are so valuable.

-Phase 3 Beta Participant

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Money back if you're not satisfied

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase* of my Polyvagal Trauma Relief System in the first 14 days and want your money back**, just let me know. No questions asked. I believe it can be helpful, but if you're not benefitting, that means I need to do better for the next version(s). Seriously, no questions asked. Feedback definitely welcome, but I won't be grilling you on why you're asking for a refund.

*this does not apply to the monthly subscription

**full refund will be given, minus any administrative fees, like costs incurred from payment processing