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Trauma relief

Get unstuck. Finally. Simply. Clearly.
I believe you.
You've tried everything.

You've been to lots of therapy, subscribed to social media gurus, done webinars, been on meds, read books, been on retreats, maybe tried hallucinogens, researched on YouTube and maybe even tried someone else's course (or 2 or 3…).

You’re fed up. You’re nearly burnt out.


Your daily life might not be anywhere close to what you want. Anxiety, panic, anger, rage, overwhelm, numbness, depression, negative thinking, isolation and frustration.


You’ve heard of the Polyvagal Theory, but don’t know what to do with this information. 


There is a solution that gives you clarity, direction and ongoing support without using any trendy psychobabble or forcing you to relive your traumas.

PTRS is unique.

Introducing the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System, a clear and simple online course to help you finally relieve your trauma and live a life with more curiosity, calm and connection - even if you’re terrified of your inner world.

Who is PTRS for?

A course made specifically for the person stuck in a traumatized state who is tired of wasting time and money on endless therapy, is fed up with the clutter of trendy pop psychology and just wants clarity on what to do next.


A course made specifically for the person who is exhausted from constant anxiety, anger, depression, panic, rage, numbness, overwhelm, fear and emptiness.

Simplicity. Clarity. Support.

After taking this course, you will finally be able to breathe and relax. You’ll know exactly what to do to relieve yourself from the trauma you are stuck in. You will have more confidence in your ability to self-regulate.


And you will have access to me during regular meetups and online discussion to address any obstacles or questions you have.

PTRS is different.

This course is completely and utterly focused on you. The real you that exists right now. You will not spend any time retelling or reliving traumatic events. You will not spend any time on your “parts”, your ego, your shadow self, your inner child, your future self, insight-building, attachment styles or any popular psychology concepts. You will also not be using any bilateral stimulation, wands or tapping.

PTRS wastes zero time. It is simply what you need to know and how to use that knowledge.

"Yeah, right!"

I know you may be thinking it’s not possible and you’re worried that you will forever be stuck - valid concerns and I get it. Everything you’ve tried up until now has been less than ideal.


PTRS is based upon my interventions that I use with my therapy clients and in my own self-development. I have seen these work first-hand in therapy and continually get feedback from current course members that they are seeing the change they want.


I know you may be thinking it’s not possible and this is just another course you won’t finish. But PTRS does the one thing that others neglect - build the strength of your safety state.


Inside this course, you will find:

  • a clear and simple understanding of the Polyvagal Theory

  • guidance on how to build the strength of your safety state

  • guidance on how to actively relieve your traumatized state

  • regular opportunities to spend time with me in Meetups and get answers to all of your questions and concerns

  • connections with others that are getting unstuck through meetups and discussion forum

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