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Clarity & direction in your trauma recovery journey.

Relieve your distress. Self-regulate your emotions.
Without confusion and overwhelm.

You've tried everything.

And you're tired of it.

You're tired of feeling stuck even though you've gone to therapy. You follow the social media gurus. You're up to date on the trendiest pop psychology that everyone is hyping. You've been to the webinars, taken meds, read the books, been to the retreats and more. But still struggle with anxiety, panic, anger, numbness, depression, rumination, judgment, blame or shame.

Trauma relief made possible and practical.

Introducing the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System, a comprehensive online program to help you finally relieve your trauma and live a life with more curiosity, calm, and connection - even if you’re terrified of your inner world. This System is rooted in the Polyvagal Theory, a groundbreaking understanding of the nervous system's role in regulating emotions and behavior.


But the science is just the first step. It is then connected to body-based mindfulness techniques. Combining the two provides the platform necessary to relieve judgment, feel safe in your body, and actively relieve your trauma.

a Comprehensive roadmap.

With the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System, you will receive a comprehensive roadmap that provides clear and actionable steps for relieving yourself from the effects of trauma. PTRS makes self-regulation possible, from beginning to end.

PTRS is not for everyone.

PTRS is a comprehensive System made specifically for the person stuck in a traumatized state who is tired of wasting time and money and just wants clarity on what to do next and how to do it.

No "parts". No eye movements. No shadows. No blinking. No tapping. No ego. No wands. No trauma narratives. No endless insight building. No inner children. No future selves. No false selves.


If you're looking for these, PTRS is not for you.

PTRS will not...

PTRS will not pressure you into reliving or telling your trauma narrative(s). Trauma relief is possible without reliving the experience.

PTRS will not collect nor reflect on abstract psychology beliefs, like "parts" and "shadow work". It's clear, to the point and in plain language for anyone to work with immediately.

PTRS is not a repackaged and resold webinar. It's designed and built solely as a trauma recovery course, focusing entirely on you and your recovery.

PTRS will...

PTRS will provide every necessary step of self-paced trauma recovery in 3 phases: learning the science simply and clearly, building safety in your system and actively relieving trauma.

PTRS is for the person in trauma recovery, not professionals looking to build their skills (although they are welcome to be a part of PTRS as well!).

PTRS teaches the natural application of the Polyvagal Theory science to trauma recovery.

PTRS clearly teaches the techniques that I use with my Clients, designed for you in a self-paced online course.

Focus on your relief.

PTRS is immediately accessible & usable.


You don't need to first learn about theories of consciousness, needs hierarchies or stages of development. You don't need to rehash past events. PTRS is taught in plain language and immediately accessible and immediately usable.


You can begin to get relief today.

Trauma recovery in 3 phases.

PTRS is a bundle of all 3 of my trauma-relieving courses. Each course is designed to work with the others, providing a truly complete self-regulatory program

Learn simply.

Phase 1

The first phase in my System is to gain a clear and simple understanding of the Polyvagal Theory in under 2 hours. Just this step can help to reduce shame, blame and judgment. With this new platform of understanding based in scientific research, you can then move to the next phase of building distress tolerance.

PTRS options:

$950 total for each course

Great for you if:

  • you want lifetime ownership of each PTRS course

  • want to purchase the 3 PTRS courses individually over time

Buy PVT101 for $150 >

Buy BSA for $400 >

Buy UDS for $400 >

$800 PTRS package (save $150)

Great for you if:

  • you want to save $150

  • you want lifetime ownership of PTRS

  • you want all 3 of the PTRS courses at the same time

Subscribe to Total Access

Great for you if:

  • you don't need to own PTRS

  • you want all of PTRS right away

  • you want to connect with others

  • you want to meet with me 2x/mo

  • you want a bunch of other perks

"worth far more"

"I chose PTRS after considering a few other options. I find it worth far more than the asking price." -Beth (paid $750)

"the kindest ways"

[PTRS] accommodates my needs for safety in the kindest ways. My eyes grew wider and wider as I went through this course. -F

"never experienced anything like it"

The course has finished but I will carry on practicing of course. I am using the sensory and environmental anchors very regularly. I really have enjoyed doing it and have never experienced anything like it to be frank. In a good way! -Kyla

"beautiful & gentle"

I also just want to acknowledge just how beautiful and gentle your approach is because there’s so much just diving into [trauma with other models] without having the safety and that sucks. That really has sucked. -Meaghan

Not sure yet?

That's totally okay, you don't need to be sure yet.

Just schedule a chat with me and we can talk more about it. No sales pitches, no pressure, just clarity on your questions.

Beth had this to say:

"Your lack of industry-standard high-pressure sales was the thing (after diving headfirst into your podcast) that “sold me” on purchasing your course, and your coaching program. In fact, I had looked at another program shortly before purchasing your course bundle. And quickly realized the creator was intentionally manipulating my ANS to artificially create desperation that they clearly hoped would trigger me to buy!"

Schedule a chat with Justin >

PTRS is comprehensive.

PTRS is designed for one purpose - your trauma relief. It takes you through every necessary phase and cuts out anything that isn't needed. Plus access to me and a private community.

Everything you need in one bundle.

PTRS is immediately usable.

Begin learning and implementing right away. The courses are immediately usable right after you purchase. There is no course drip or feed system, making you wait.

Start right now.

Simple & clear.

Trauma work is hard. Which is why it's essential your learning be delivered clearly and simply. I use the same language in PTRS as I do in my free content.

You'll be able to learn and then do.

Get relief now.

Imagine looking back on your life in a year and feeling proud of the progress you've made in healing from your trauma. That you’ve gone from desperation and disconnection to calm and confident. PTRS creates this path for you to walk down.


Drawing on 15+ years of experience as a therapist and my deep knowledge of the Polyvagal Theory and somatic mindfulness practices, I designed a System that provides you with the knowledge and techniques you need to finally move beyond the pain and suffering of trauma.

The Polyvagal Trauma Relief System gives you clear guidance on how to get trauma relief clearly and immediately.


You could be starting today.

PTRS Goodies

Exclusive video lessons

The PTRS video lessons are not available anywhere else. PTRS includes all the video lessons from all three of my trauma recovery courses.

Journal prompts

PTRS will prompt you to journal throughout the courses. These prompts are specific to the PTRS courses.


All the downloads from all of my trauma recovery courses.

Exclusive guided practices

PTRS teaches effective self-regulation, but it also guides as well. PTRS has guided practices that I have not shared anywhere else, including homework assignments and meditations.

Meet your guide.

Hi, I'm Justin. I built the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System based on the needs of my clients, students, and audience. Every phase of the System has been crafted with the user in mind, addressing knowledge gaps and obstacles to self-regulation.

I delved deeply into the Polyvagal Theory to enhance my therapy outcomes for heavily traumatized clients. Now, I specialize in trauma therapy with somatic techniques and a strong grasp of the theory. I've taught it globally through my podcast and directly to teachers, social workers, police, therapists, and more. I'm a member of the Polyvagal Institute's Editorial Board. In short, I'm a Polyvagal Nerd.

Money back* guarantee.

No questions asked.

If you don't like this course or it's not effective for you for any reason, simply let me know you want a refund* within 14 days and I will give it to you with no questions asked.​ Seriously.

*Is it a full refund?

You will get a full refund minus any fees incurred, like payment processing.

Refund offer is for purchase of this course only, not for subscription payments, like with Total Access.

Buy with confidence.

Schedule a no-pressure chat with me to address any questions you might have.

My promise - no sales pressure. None. Zero. Zilch. You will not be asked to pay during this call. I'm there purely to answer any questions you have.

Click here to book a chat >

I can't afford it!

That's why I made the Total Access Membership! For a low price, you can subscribe to all my trauma recovery courses and be a part of my private community.

Learn more about Total Access >

Are your courses just stuff I already do? Like coping skills?

Definitely not. My courses are designed to take you beyond coping and into self-regulation and trauma recovery.

Is this course part of your System?

It is! PTRS is a bundle of all three of my trauma recovery courses. And PTRS is a part of my Total Access Membership.

Learn about PTRS >

Can I find the course info in your free content?

Not even close. My course curriculum is much different from my free content. The free stuff teaches you what, the paid courses teach you how.

Is access to community part of the course purchase?

No. You must be subscribed Total Access Membership, which has community and all courses in one subscription.

Do I get access to the meetups?

No. You must be subscribed Total Access Membership​, which has community and all courses in one subscription.


Spend less. Get more.

Dealing with trauma can be incredibly challenging, but the Total Access Membership can help you every step of the way. As a subscriber, you'll gain access to all three of my trauma recovery courses, one for each phase of trauma recovery. Plus, you'll get access to my private community to connect with others (if you want) so you won't be alone on your journey.

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