Building Safety Anchors

the guide to identifying, practicing and feeling safety.

About BSA

BSA is ideal for you if you understand you are responsible for your own change and would be best served through a guided course of learning, practicing and feeling. You'll learn 6 distinct paths to be more in the present moment and tailor them for your specific and wonderful nervous system. You can do BSA as either a self-paced program or a 30 day challenge.


This course is NOT for someone that is looking to "heal" their trauma. It can be helpful in laying the foundation for that, but it's not the goal of the course. Before doing that further work, the foundation of safety needs to be laid. That's what BSA is about - identifying and building safety, building the vagal brake and the capacity to be in the present moment.

Good for Mindful Newbies
  • If you're brand new to the world of mindfulness and the autonomic nervous system, this course is great for you. It begins with some fundamental teachings and then builds from there. I designed each learning module to be more complex, but the focus is always on safety and being present in the body. 

Good for Stucknauts
  • BSA is also good for the Stucknaut that has understandings of the Polyvagal Theory. It builds on that knowledge and directs you to identify safety in six specific avenues.

Good for your learning pace
  • Self-paced is great for doing whenever you want, when you're ready.

  • 30 day is great if you need structure and that extra push.

  • Both come with unlimited, ongoing access.

You will get:


6 different paths to feeling more safety


access to a private group for BSA Participants


guided learning and doing with a focus on safety.

7 original learning modules

  • in printable PDF

  • 45 minutes of downloadable audio

a private BSA group

  • here on

and more

  • numerous journal prompts based on your BSA learning step

  • optional content for further learning.

Image by Alexander Dummer

At one point during these 30 days the thought came to me: I've been given a Ferrari and told 'here's the brake, here's the gas, stay off the grass. Go.' After building many anchors I feel like you've handed me the manual to my Ferrari and I am so excited to see what this puppy can do!!!

BSA Participant - single Mom, read the full review yourself