Breathing Meditation

This is what your trauma recovery has been missing.

Building Safety Anchors​

Being anchored in your safety state is essential to the process of getting unstuck and truly relieving your traumatized state. BSA helps you feel more safety: calm, curious and self-compassion.


You don't have to...

"sit with it"
"feel your feelings"
tell the trauma story
plow through the pain
"be strong"
shake and tremble
identify your "parts"
work on your "ego"
build insight
[fill in popular psych stuff]

You may need something else

Look, all of these things are fine. But they might not be what you're needing right now. You're looking for the thing that's missing. And you've probably already gone down these rabbit holes with social
media gurus. 

You might need more safety in your system.

Safety? Huh?

BSA is built on the
Polyvagal Theory

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"Safety" refers to biology. You and every other mammal have specific biological pathways that are responsible for your capacity to socially engage,

relax in stillness and mobilize in play. 

The ventral vagal autonomic pathways are one piece of the autonomic nervous system and are active when the body is safe. You can learn more about the Polyvagal Theory in my free Polyvagal Intro.

BSA is focused entirely on activating, practicing and building your capacity to experience safe.

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Safety before trauma work

This might be what's
going wrong...

Traditional therapy and trauma courses spend zero time on one essential component of trauma recovery, and that's building the individuals' capacity for distress tolerance.

Before going deeper into the pain, before delving into the memories, before attempting to heal, you need to build the capacity to stay anchored in your
safety state.

You need to build safety anchors and the strength of your safety state.

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Kyra says

The course has finished but I will carry on practicing of course. I am using the sensory and environmental anchors very regularly. I really have enjoyed doing it and have never experienced anything like it to be frank. In a good way! 

Ken says

Most of the stuff we are covering has already become a part of my survival strategies in my mental health journey, but the course is bringing me to a new level of mindfulness in my practices. I appreciate all the reminders to stay mindful and present in these activities, rather that having them on a checklist of things I need to do every day to “feel ok”, which had started to frame... into a kind of chore list that I shamed myself for not completing.

Trauma Relief. Phase 2.

Trauma Relief System Bundle


BSA is the second phase of my Polyvagal Trauma Relief System. Having strong distress tolerance is essential before going further and actively relieving your stuck trauma. Before delving into the inner pain, building safety must be in place.


Standalone Course


If you understand the Polyvagal Theory, aren't ready for working directly on your trauma, just want to build your safety state and distress tolerance, then BSA is right for you.


Save $147 with the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System


When you buy the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System, you save $147, which means you're getting Polyvagal 101 for only $2.

Learn more about the System >

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Not sure?
Chat with me!

I want you to start BSA confidently

I get it. Investing in yourself is a big decision. And I want you to feel 100% confident in being a part of UDS. Schedule a chat with me to ask questions or learn more about the course.


No pressure. No sales pitches. Just an opportunity for clarity.


Melanie says was my first real breakthrough and I continue to gain understanding of polyvagal theory and how integral it is to my condition and potential healing!!! You have a very unique take,  presentation and safe presence!!!

Fiona says

I’m finding that I’m integrating little bits and pieces throughout my day and finding the things that help me to stay present. Once I shifted from thinking that this would help me get rid of my dysregulated feelings to thinking of it as making a bigger container for the feelings that were already there, I began to find it all more helpful.

You're not alone

Virtual Meetups With Me


You get access to my Stucknaut Meetups, a chance to meet with me at least once a month to ask questions and share your progress with me and other Stucknaut course members.

Discussion Group


The Stucknauts discussion group is a private space for members of the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System courses to chat in a forum on this site.

Lifetime Access,
All Updates

Building safety is not exactly a linear process. You may feel like you're moving forward one day, then back the next.

I want BSA to be here for you when you need it and as you are ready for it. It's something that you can turn to when ready and also when necessary.

When you buy the course, I'll ensure you get lifetime access to it so you can always return to it when necessary. You will also get every update to the course as I continue to improve upon it or add to it.

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Money back if you're not satisfied

If you're not completely satisfied with BSA in the first 7 days and want your money back, just let me know. No questions asked. I believe it can be helpful, but if you're not benefitting, that means I need to do better for the next version(s). Seriously, no questions asked. Feedback definitely welcome, but I won't be grilling you on why you're asking for a refund.