Eyes Closed

Relief. Finally. Really.

Unstucking Defensive States


UDS guides you to relief and out of despair through somatically-oriented techniques that build on your Polyvagal Theory knowledge.

UDS is currently in production

Lessons are released as they are completed.





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You've tried it all.

You've attempted to recover from trauma in a number of different ways. Probably spent gobs of money.


And with little result.

It's frustrating. You feel dejected. Hopeless. And I don't blame you.

Nothing for you to worry about

You'll get the top-down knowledge and bottom-up guidance necessary to relieve your stuck traumatized state. UDS is designed to give you everything you need, to know what to expect and to get the results you deserve.

You'll be taught and prompted every step of the way with a focus on maintaining access to your
safety state.

Eyes Closed

Trauma Relief. Phase 3.

Trauma Relief System Bundle


UDS is the final phase of the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System. It incorporates the knowledge of the PVT and guides you in actively climbing your Polyvagal ladder and finally feeling relief.


Standalone Course


If you know the PVT and have enough distress tolerance, then UDS works just fine on its own. You'll get the information, clarity and guidance that you are looking for in your trauma recovery.


From UDS Beta Participants...

The whole thing presents getting unstuck from a perspective I haven't seen before, and believe will be tremendously helpful.

-UDS Beta Participant

Holy cow, I see why you were so excited to show us this... This is seriously amazing. I haven't seen anything like it before.


The pacing, the examples, and how you made it so the listener could use it right then and there. You also gave practical examples of pendulation and titration, and helped explain mixed states better through the illustrations, examples, and the way you use words to help people track their own states. EXCELLENT! REALLY!... THANK YOU!!!

-UDS Beta Participant

Don't enroll in UDS if...

UDS is not for everyone.

It's absolutely imperative that you're able to identify, access and maintain your Polyvagal state of safety and social engagement.

If you can't, then Building Safety Anchors is a better fit for you. Or get the entire Polyvagal Trauma Relief System as a bundle and save $150.

You're not alone

Virtual Meetups With Me


You get access to my Stucknaut Meetups, a chance to meet with me at least once a month to ask questions and share your progress with me and other Stucknaut course members.

Discussion Group


The Stucknauts discussion group is a private space for members of the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System courses to chat in a forum on this site.

More from UDS Beta Participants...

This is really great! It's so hard to figure out how to apply PVT, so all these ideas are so valuable.

-UDS Beta Participant

Relevant, meaty, helpful, the right level for the next stage after BSA

-Kyra, UDS Beta Participant

I am a Christian counselor working wih trauma and especially sexual abuse. I have been for 16 years now, and am also [a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner], so this stuff makes sense to me. I signed up for the Safety anchors course to use with a client and it has been so helpful... [UDS] is excellent stuff!

-UDS Beta Participant

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Not sure? Chat with me!

I get it. Investing in yourself is a big decision. And I want you to feel 100% confident in being a part of UDS. Schedule a chat with me to ask questions or learn more about the course.


No pressure. No sales pitches. Just an opportunity for clarity.

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Lifetime Access,
All Updates

Getting unstuck is not exactly a linear process. You may feel like you're moving forward one day, then back the next.

I want UDS to be here for you when you need it and as you are ready for it. It's something that you can turn to when ready and also when necessary.

When you buy the course, I'll ensure you get lifetime access to it so you can always return to it when necessary. You will also get every update to the course as I continue to improve upon it or add to it.

Money back if you're not satisfied

If you're not completely satisfied with UDS in the first 7 days and want your money back, just let me know. No questions asked. I believe it can be helpful, but if you're not benefitting, that means I need to do better for the next version(s). Seriously, no questions asked. Feedback definitely welcome, but I won't be grilling you on why you're asking for a refund.