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Polyvagal 101

Confusion to clarity.

You've heard of the PVT but it doesn't make sense and the amount of information you're getting is overwhelming. Polyvagal 101 makes sense in every day language. The first time.


Easily. Simply. Finally.

About this Polyvagal Nerd

(Hi, I'm Justin)

This is where it started...

I first learned about the Theory when I was frustrated with my therapy outcomes and rapport building when working with clients who were living with trauma.

Dr. Porges was lecturing about the Theory with some truly awful presentation slides (sorry, Dr Porges) and I was able to understand it enough for lightbulbs to go off. That's probably where you're at in your own Polyvagal learning.

Lightbulbs weren't enough. I really wanted to understand it deeper and be able to apply the concepts in my therapeutic practice.


So then...

I spent months and months and months researching, learning and building my ability to teach the Polyvagal Theory to literally anyone.


I created presentations (with much nicer slides) for the teachers I work alongside in public schools. And they were a hit; the teachers got it and asked for more.

I then created the Stuck Not Broken podcast and brought the Theory in crystal clear language to the rest of the world. And they asked for more.

And now...

The PVT is central to my therapeutic practice, my content I create for free and my courses that I sell here on my site. It's also the lens that I view my experiences through.

And it's consistently been my passion to learn and to teach. But I'm moreso driven to teach it clearly.


I want you to be able to learn the Theory clearly the first time (or maybe it's your second if you've been elsewhere). Especially because it's likely that learning the Theory is your first step in your own trauma recovery. I don't take that lightly and want to make sure you are set up for success.

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But can't I learn the PVT for free?

Heck yeah you can! That's what I did, actually. I've studied the Theory with a dictionary right by me and put the pieces together through the books, interviews and lectures of the primary sources.

So yeah, you could do that. But I've done it for you and it's all in a nice, easy-to-understand package right here for you.

You could even learn about it for free from me!

I covered the Theory in depth through hours and hours of my audio podcast content, (episodes 101-109 of Stuck Not Broken). And I've got free content all through my blog, YouTube, social media and various podcast episodes. 

It's all out there for you. For free. Or just get this course that I made just for you and it's all in one spot, condensed and clearly taught.

Trauma Relief. Phase 1.

Trauma Relief System Bundle


PVT101 is the first phase of my Polyvagal Trauma Relief System. When you're done with PVT101, you'll have learned clearly the PVT, what trauma is and have gotten a map on what trauma relief may look like. PVT101 lays the foundation and sets you up for success in your recovery.


Get PVT101 for $2 in the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System

When you buy the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System, you save $147, which leaves you paying $2 for PVT101.

Learn more about the System >

Standalone Course


If you just want clarity on the Polyvagal Theory and are sick of confusion, then the standalone course is perfect for you.


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Stephanie says

Interesting, felt sense, body work, this biology info is news I can use vs a lot trauma info out there. Thanks!

Thom says he got

A clearer understanding of the fundamentals of the polyvagal theory and its relationship with trauma.

Connection to Other Polyvagal Nerds

You're not alone in your Polyvagal pursuits. When you enroll in PVT101, you get immediate access to my Stucknauts discussion group, a forum of like-minded individuals. Here, you can ask questions and get further clarity.

PVT101 does not include access to the virtual Stucknaut Meetups.

Lifetime Access,
All Updates

I want PVT101 to be your go-to resource for understanding the Polyvagal Theory.

When you buy the course, I'll ensure you get lifetime access to it so you can always return to it when necessary. You will also get every update to the course as I continue to improve upon it or add to it.