Polyvagal 101

The fundamental pieces in one class,
giving you more clarity in less time.
More clarity.
Less time.

You already know that the Polyvagal Theory is complex. PVT101 makes it easy to understand, whether you are a professional or looking for personal growth.  

The right Polyvagal training.
For you.

For the newbie, it's the foundational pieces of understanding trauma and the Polyvagal Theory.

For the Stucknaut, if you're ready for another level of teaching from me, you'll find it here. You've already come to know and trust my Polyvagal teachings from numerous podcast episodes; now you'll get all the major pieces in one place.

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Can't I find free Polyvagal information already?

Yes, you could absolutely find Polyvagal information in other trainings. Heck, you could even listen to or read all of my free Polyvagal teachings through the blog, podcast and videos.

That's the problem - a lot of information spread out everywhere. My PVT101 course condenses the most important Polyvagal information. This saves you time and hassle, while giving you the knowledge you need.

High academia made simple.

PVT101 adheres to the work of
the Polyvagal pioneers

I stick to the pure Polyvagal Theory hypothesis, using primary Polyvagal sources. PVT101 includes pieces that are often overlooked or misunderstood by other teachers.

This isn't a loose interpretation. No reinterpretations. No reimagining. No adding of anything cutesy. Just straight Polyvagal education that anyone can understand.

What you will
learn in PVT101

PVT101 is a virtual class built as a virtual class. It's not a recycled & sold webinar or interview.

Build a new paradigm

Learning the biology allows you to develop a new paradigm for understanding yourself and your clients. This section includes:

  • the autonomic nervous system

  • neuroception

  • "story follows state"

the Polyvagal primary states

Deepen your learning about the ANS with the three primary states. This is central to understanding the mixed states and how this all relates to trauma. This section includes:

  • safe & social

  • flight & fight

  • shutdown

the Polyvagal mixed states

The mixed states are often neglected, but essential to the PVT fuller understanding. I go into all three mixed states and highlight the difference between shutdown and freeze. Again - this is essential knowledge. This section includes:

  • freeze

  • play

  • stillness

Get a more accurate understanding of trauma

The Polyvagal Theory provides a new understanding of trauma.; one that my therapy clients tell me is much more normalizing and validating. This section includes:

  • what trauma really is

  • the 2 paths to trauma

  • distress tolerance

How people connect & cope

You will learn how people connect with each other, but also how they cope with being stuck in trauma. The three mixed states

  • behavioral adaptations

  • co-regulation

  • misattunement & ruptures

What you'll get out of PVT101

a clear understanding of the Polyvagal Theory and how it relates to you

access to the PVT101 Group for further discussion and learning

Q&A with Justin through live event, PVT101 group or Open Office Hours

when you buy the live event, you also get access to the PVT101 class immediately


Q: Will I be able to see a replay of the webinar if I don't attend live?

A: Two thoughts on this:

  1. If you don't plan on attending live, buy the online class version of PVT101. It's the same information, but you don't get to participate in the more interactive live components.

  2. When you buy the webinar version, you will also get access to the previously recorded class version. So the live version is live once and that's it. The recorded version will be there as long as the site is up and running and you will get unlimited access to it. I highly recommend the live webinar version; I think it's a better experience.

Q: I can't afford it now...

A: You can purchase the previously recorded PVT101 class version any time you like. It's the same information, just without the live interactive components.

A: There are no payment plan options available.

Q: Will I be able to ask questions?

A: Whether you get the PVT101 online class or live webinar, you can always ask questions in three different ways:

  1. through the monthly live Open Office Hour (last Saturday of the month, 9am PST)

  2. through the PVT101 Group

  3. through email (justinlmft@gmail.com)

You can also ask questions during the live webinar. It's a jam-packed three hours, but there should be time for a bit of questions. I am also planning on being available after the main 3 hours for Q&A.


General questions are okay, nothing personal will be addressed.

Q: Wait. Two versions?

A: Yep. Same information, but one is live and more interactive with live Q&A. It's a small group and a different experience than the PVT101 online class. If you opt for purchasing the class, it's a way to get the same info at a discount.

What did you get out of Polyvagal 101?


Reinforcement of concepts in a succinct, clear and logical developed program


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Image by Joseph Gonzalez


A clearer understanding of the fundamentals of the polyvagal theory and its relationship with trauma.