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Brain Shaman podcast guest appearance

I had the privilege of being a guest on the Brain Shaman podcast with Michael Waite. We talk about a whole bunch of stuff, including: the Polyvagal Theory (of course), importance of parenting and healthy connections with our kids and even some speculation in the realm of evolutionary psychology. We get into stuff I don't typically talk about on the podcast. Give it a shot!

(The intro and outro to this episode were definitely an unexpected surprise!)

Brain Shaman is a philosophical and scientific journey towards better brain health. Michael Waite discusses how you can change your brain state via nutrition, nature, technology, and action. Mental illness, addiction, and low brain function are destroying so many people and societies. By becoming increasingly disconnected from the natural world and plugged into the artificial one, we are getting sicker, weaker, and less free. We must become more conscious of how the information that we consume (in the form of food, drugs, sensory input, media, etc.) affects our brain. This podcast teaches you how to reconnect with nature, reprogram your brain, regain your freedom, and redirect your life.


About Justin:

Justin Sunseri is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Coach specializing in trauma relief. He is the host of the Stuck Not Broken podcast, and author of the book Trauma & the Polyvagal Paradigm. He specializes in treating trauma and helps individuals get "unstuck" from their defensive states.

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