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Stuck Not Broken: Book 1

Trauma & the Polyvagal Paradigm

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SNB:1 is designed to help you with two things:

1. Understand the Polyvagal Theory Simply and Clearly: Dive into the details of groundbreaking neuroscience in a way that's easy to grasp and apply to your daily life.

2. Craft a Self-Narrative Free from Judgment, Blame, and Shame: View yourself through compassion and understanding, paving the way for true self-acceptance and growth.

the first step on your trauma recovery journey

what you'll find in SNB:1

comprehensive PVT education in clear language

a new understanding of yourself without blame, shame, or judgment

numerous journal prompts for every stage of learning

real examples bring the lessons to life

Justin Sunseri is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist practicing with individuals, couples, and families out of his cozy little office in Lodi, California. He serves on the Polyvagal Institute’s Editorial Board, hosts the popular Stuck Not Broken podcast and YouTube channel, and runs a private trauma recovery community - the Stucknaut Collective. He created the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System - a comprehensive system to help traumatized individuals get unstuck without psychobabble or woo-woo. Justin is a Seinfeld trivia geek, a 49er Faithful, and a lover of Swiss-inspired design. He’s been married since 2008 and is the Father of two kiddos who are aging too quickly.

About the Author:

Now Available

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softcover on Amazon

Amazon Kindle

Apple Books


included in Total Access Membership

SNB:1 is created for two people:


1. the person starting on their trauma recovery or self-development journey.

2. the person fed up with their trauma recovery or self-development efforts.


SNB:1 is for the person curious about the Polyvagal Theory and ready to lay a strong foundation of self-compassion.

Is SNB:1 right for you?

Other trauma recovery and self-development books and programs are created with unrealistic expectations. They smash together various popular psychology trends and fads, hoping something sticks.

SNB:1 has a narrow focus, giving you a strong foundation on which to build. It rejects pop psychology, psychobabble, and woo-woo. It's built from the ground up on the neuroscience of the Polyvagal Theory. With SNB:1, you'll be well-prepared to continue your healing journey and unlock deeper levels of personal transformation.

a strong foundation

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