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Polyvagal Theory part 1 / Fresno Pacific University

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

First off, you have to admire Fresno Pacific University for bringing someone in to talk about the forefront of mental health. Seriously. The PVT, while growing in reach, is not being taught in "therapy school." So to rectify that, they brought me in for an entire day. Fresno Pacific has my absolute respect. What's better is the people were very open to new ideas and were a lively crowd, which is always nice when I present. :)

Check out their MFT Program -

In part 1, I cover: the autonomic nervous system, neuroception and story follows state. These are three cornerstone pieces of the PVT. Since it was an entire day, I got to go into each one in some depth.

This is a recording of my actual presentation to the On-Site Counseling Program of Fresno Pacific University.


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