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Therapeer Content Event no.1 / Is Telling the Trauma Story Necessary for Treatment?

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I am so so so incredibly happy to present to you the first ever Therapeer Content Event! I hope you find the information giving you some new insight into whether or not telling the trauma story is necessary for treatment. If you're already in therapy, I'm hoping it gives you some new angles. And if you're not, I'm hoping it gives you a direction in what you might be looking for.

Enjoy! Please reach out to these individuals and give them a thanks!


In my experience, it’s usually very helpful to do so, BUT only after having developed ways to feel grounded. Since trauma leaves you feeling paralyzed or even collapsed, before diving into the traumatic event, we need to find ways to experience opposite sensations in our body. Without this, talking about our trauma can be retraumatizing.

by Christian Payá; Instituto Galene Las Rozas

I decided to look at relationships differently: what if they can be based on not knowing things? Basically, people don’t have to be completely understanding, they don’t have to know anything about us, and it’s okay to connect over something else, instead.

by Alexis Bakalakos on Elephant Journal

We are complex and beautiful beings. The new science of trauma has given us a frame of reference for understanding those times when talking about what happened may cause a flare-up of chronic unhealthy physiological patterns like shutting down or becoming overly-activated. 

by Shyla Cash of the Heal Grow Change podcast

Going over the events and details of your trauma, can help the nervous system understand that your trauma is in the past. The more you expose yourself to discussing your trauma, the more your nervous system can begin to understand that you are not actually in danger anymore.

by Jessica Del Rosso of Alongside Trauma

I see trauma, in particular trauma inflicted by another human, as a short circuit to the nervous system. This shock often causes an injury to a person’s sense of safety and connection. Healing from this wound involves paying attention to the person as a whole, not only to the intensity of the inner experience when triggered. This means looking at the person at many levels and soothing, expanding, softening, and modifying chronic trauma responses.

by Consuelo Arriagada of Seaglass Psychology

I don’t need to know your past, because you already embody it in some way. We all do. We’re each the sum of our personal histories— your history is contained in who you are now. We carry everything we experience from the moment they’re created, regardless of how they’re expressed.

by Daisy Ko of Light Mind Body Strong

Most essential in trauma therapy is that the client experiences sense of control over the process and safety with the therapist. This is important because of the lack of control inherent in experiencing traumatic events and abusive relationships.

by Dr. Justine on Instagram

Because this is our experience most of the time, when we think of trauma, we tend to think of it as something that happened in the past.  And we tend to expect our memories of trauma to also be orderly, conscious and coherent. But the research around how trauma affects us unequivocally shows that this is not the case.  

by Karina Neukirchner of Hello Inner Light

...telling the trauma story can be helpful to aid in healing, but that it is not required. Through a compassionate and safe relationship, accessing the body states, emotions and underlying beliefs or thoughts about one’s self and the world can focus on how the person is holding the information in their system and may better address the negative effects of a disturbing incident than simply talking about the traumatic stressor itself.

by Laura Warden of Healing Pathway

The magic of healing with energy and not talk therapy alone is that the energy that we store can be removed from where we carry it and where we carry it tells our story.

by Dorothy Winter on Instagram


Thank you to everyone that submitted to this first Therapeer Content Event! Here's to the next!

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