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Essence of Everything / ep68 show notes

A question I got from someone during a #fivewordfriday on Instagram that I though I would poke at for the podcast.

Why are we here? The essence of everything. Pain, happiness?

“Why” assumes there is a reason. An intent. A reasoner and an intender.

  • We have reasons for seeking food. To survive. That’s the why of those actions or choices or behaviors.

Do we have reasons for existing?

  • If you believe in one of these beings, you probably have your answer.

  • That being wanted you to exist.

  • That being acted in a way to cause you to exist, which includes a choice and probably a plan.

More interesting “why” question is why they would want you to exist.

  • If not, the question of “why” doesn’t make sense.

We are here. We are now.

What will you do with your being?

The essence of everything… measurable or immeasurable?

  • If you want immeasurable, I can’t give that to you. No one can. They’d have to be able to show you through some means.

  • If you want the measurable, atoms and whatnot. Smaller which is cool but kind of useless for day to day living.

Pain and happiness serve to indicate what should be done more of and less of.

  • Pain = don’t do that

  • Happiness = do more

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