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How to Feel Your Feelings / episode 55 show notes

How to feel your feelings

Being shutdown/disconnected makes it hard

  • Feelings are not there, body is in conservation mode

Being in flight/fight makes it difficult to be present enough to pause and feel

  • we want to escape feelings, they feel dangerous

Come to the present moment externally first, then inward

  • Feel objectively physical sensations before emotional

Then notice the emotion

Then how does it feel to feel that way?

  • the emotion/feeling of the emotion/feeling

Look inward, focus your attention on the inner experience, listen to what your body has to say w/o interpretation or judgment

  • Check with your chest or your gut or your face

Start broad, then narrow

  • Is it a good feeling or a bad feeling?

  • Okay, how good or bad? 0-10?

  • Is it more heavy or light?

  • Does it have a name? A texture?

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