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Coronavirus, Panic and Grounding Yourself / ep48.3 show notes

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Some of the notes. I also discussed questions that the audience brought up.


Not usually topical, but there’s some polyvagal implications

Can you run away? Can you fight? Is there a perception of your life being under threat of death?

If you can’t run, anxiety results - rumination, worry, expecting danger

If you can’t fight, anger results

If you can’t do either, you shut down, give in - no point in trying, Hope is lost

You panic when you’re highly charged and also perceive you’re going to die


People making decisions based on their anxiety or panic

Some precautions are normal

Some precautions for some people are normal

Buying the store out of toilet paper? Canned items?

The anxiety builds

I went from needing weekly groceries to stockpiling


Realizing that even though the toilet paper is out, there’s another option - tissue paper.

And even though there’s panic, I can still choose what kind I want

And there’s Amazon. And another store.

So stop and assess the situation. You have options. Your loved ones are probably fine.

Stay at the top of your ladder so you can do so.


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