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Polyvagal 101: Fundamentals & Trauma

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Polyvagal 101 is your definitive guide to understanding the Polyvagal Theory and how it relates to trauma. PVT101 condenses the wide range of Polyvagal teachings into the fundamental aspects, while making it far easier to understand, saving you time and confusion. If you are a professional, PVT101 will act as your go-to resource for Polyvagal understanding. All the core pieces are collected in this class and you can test your knowledge with the optional class quizzes. If you are looking to develop yourself personally, PVT101 will be your new paradigm builder for understanding how you are who you are. Less judgment, less blame and more validation and normalization. All in one online class. Justin Sunseri is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that has been teaching the Polyvagal Theory for years to various professional audiences, plus his popular "Stuck Not Broken" podcast for anyone. Justin can take the highly academic language and make it understandable for anyone. In the course: 2 hours of exclusive video in 5 sections optional quizzes for each section of the class PDFs of the slideshow and more links to further optional learning

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