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The Beliefs of a Stucknaut / SNB116 show notes

Updated: Dec 21, 2022


  • In this episode, I tell you what the heck a Stucknaut is. Hint - it might be you!

  • My name is Justin Sunseri.

  • I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that thinks the world needs a new paradigm for mental health.

  • Welcome to Stuck Not Broken.


But before I get into things -put yourself first. I keep every episode as safe as I can, but just by the nature of the topics, you may experience some stuff come up. Take a break if you need to.

This podcast is not therapy, nor intended to be a replacement for therapy.


  • It’s you. It’s me. It’s the audience of the Stuck Not Broken podcast.

    • I’ve wanted this for a while!

  • It’s those that are interested in PVT and the somatic elements of being human

    • ANS

  • For those that understand there is more to us than whether or not we are “mentally ill” or have a “chemical imbalance” or a “broken brain” or whatever

    • We understand there has to be more

  • That change is possible



    • Change is possible generally

      • A little can happen every day

      • Slow process

    • Not defective, not broken, not born a certain way

      • We become who we are based on many factors

        • Social, economic, religious, spiritual, familial, community, culture, upbringing, attachment, traumatized from things that did happen and also things that didn’t happen that should have happened

  • Fluidity of emotion, sensation, state, cognition, behavior

    • Noticing, being

    • We are these things and we are more

  • There is no mind/body duality outside of the limitations of language

  • We affect each other

    • Good or bad

    • We are individuals, but individuals that need and affect each other

  • True change comes through love, not force

    • Reason and not shame

  • There are not predetermined conclusions from being a Stucknaut

    • This is how we should:

      • Live

      • Behave

      • Think

      • Feel

      • Vote

      • Worship

    • The safety of our ANS will provide a container for these things

      • How we treat each other will look different, but come from safety

  • Anyone is welcome, despite color, creed, sex, gender, sexuality or ability…

    • Come to be a Stucknaut with all of you, even your hateful ideas and feelings

    • I think these will soften, become more...

    • A Stucknaut is welcoming, not rejecting


  • The concept is a work in progress

  • You’re a work in progress

    • Me too

  • There may be an ideal of a Stucknaut and I will flesh that out

    • But it comes down to the belief in being stuck and not broken

    • Change is possible

      • More happiness or connection

  • The stucknaut looks and acts differently, but they will ultimately come from love or be headed in that direction

    • Love for others

    • Love for the self

  • They know there is more within them

    • Just haven’t felt it or sustained it

  • It’s a process

    • You’re not alone on your journey, Dear Listener

  • If you’re this far in, you might be a Stucknaut

    • Listen to the next two to find out

  • We may need to be reminded of these things and that’s okay

    • A Stucknaut is not perfect, nor expected to be


I hope you’ve learned something new to help you climb your polyvagal ladder.

If you liked this episode, do me a favor and share it with someone you think will benefit. And make sure you’re following or subscribed on whatever podcast platform you listen to so you get updated immediately with every week’s new episode.


This podcast is not therapy, not intended to be therapy or be a replacement for therapy. Nothing in this creates or indicates a therapeutic relationship. Please consult with your therapist or seek for one in your area if you are experiencing mental health sx. Nothing in this podcast should be construed to be specific life advice; it is for educational and entertainment purposes only. More resources are available in the description of this episode and in the footer of

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2 comentarios

Joy Potter-Graham
Joy Potter-Graham
26 oct 2021

For the first time in my life I am excited about being labeled. I accept this label of Stucknaut! I can’t wait to meet more! I’ve been sharing the Stuck not Broken with many people who I know that are just stuck.

Me gusta
Justin Sunseri, LMFT
Justin Sunseri, LMFT
26 oct 2021
Contestando a

Love it, thank you so much, Joy!

Me gusta
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