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Trauma relief.
Finally. Really.

Finally get unstuck from trauma and live without shame or fear. Unstucking Defensive States teaches you how to actively feel and relieve your stuck trauma through somatic concepts and skills, built on the Polyvagal Theory.

You're ready for relief.

You’re tired of living in shame, guilt, fear and panic. You’re tired of consuming trauma information from across the internet. You’re frustrated and ready to give up.


You want to live a life without dragging the emotional weight of trauma. You want to live with more freedom, self-compassion and confidence.

You’re ready to actively relieve your stuck traumatized state. You’ve learned about the Polyvagal Theory and are ready to apply your knowledge. You’re ready for clarity and answers without psychobabble.

Young Confident Woman

made possible & practical.

Unstucking Defensive States is a simple and clear online trauma recovery course that teaches you how to self-regulate and actively relieve your trauma - without psychobabble. Clear concepts. Clear teachings. Clear guidance and practice.

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UDS is not for everyone.

UDS is made for the stuck individual that has learned the Polyvagal Theory and developed some capacity to stay grounded in their safety state. UDS is for the person that needs the next step - how to use their capacity for curiosity and mindfulness to feel into and relieve their trauma.

Not sure if UDS is right for you? Just schedule a chat with me and we can talk more about it. No sales pitches, no pressure, just clarity on your questions.

Autumn Sky

Unstuck is possible.

After taking UDS, you will be able to actively and purposefully feel your stuck defensive state with curiosity. You will mindfully experience your inner world from your safety state, not a bystander going through the extremes of dysregulation.

UDS is...

  • the next step after learning the Polyvagal Theory and building the strength of your safety state.

  • made for the person in trauma recovery, not professionals looking to build their skills (although they are welcome to be a part of UDS as well!).

UDS is not...

  • a repackaged webinar. UDS is an online course built on the Polyvagal Theory from the ground up.

  • the the starting point for trauma recovery. UDS is the third phase of my Trauma Recovery System.

Dancing in Park

Focus on your stuckness.

UDS is about you. The real you that exists right here and right now. UDS does not use up any time or mental energy on abstract psychological ideas like “parts” or “shadows” or “ego”. UDS makes self-regulation practical and simple, built on the science and application of the Polyvagal Theory.

Relaxing in Park

BSA  Curriculum

Inside BSA, you will find clear teachings and steps on identifying, practicing and building your safety state. BSA teaches and guides you through six different anchoring paths. No one student is the same, so I have designed the course to work with you and what you are naturally pulled towards.

Don't worry.

Is it actually possible to get unstuck?

I know you might be thinking that this is too good to believe. You might be worried about whether UDS is truly going to help. First off, I have a money back guarantee that I will talk about later.


For now, take comfort in knowing that UDS is the skills and knowledge that I use as a therapist with my therapy clients. Of course, UDS is not therapy. But you will be equipped with the same information. UDS is also the self-regulation practice that I use for myself.

Is UDS going to be worth it?


Of course; a fair concern. A few things:

  1. UDS has a 14 day money-back guarantee (more below).

  2. You can schedule a no-pressure no-sales chat with me for free and I am happy to answer any concerns or questions you have about UDS.

  3. You'll get access to meet with me and others in virtual meetups twice a month. You will never be alone in your recovery and will have direct access to me often. You’re not just paying for an online course, you’re paying for a solid safety foundation in your recovery and you’re paying for direct access to me and my Polyvagal knowledge and application.

Online meeting

UDS Beta Participants are saying...

UDS is still unrolling, but this is what people have been saying so far.


"This is really great! It's so hard to figure out how to apply PVT, so all these ideas are so valuable."


"Holy cow, I see why you were so excited to show us this... This is seriously amazing. I haven't seen anything like it before."


"I am a Christian counselor working with trauma and especially sexual abuse. I have been for 16 years now, and am also [a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner], so this stuff makes sense to me... [UDS] is excellent stuff!"


Direct access to Justin

You won't have to wonder.

You will get direct access to me twice a month during virtual meetups. During the meetups, you will get a brief lesson from and be able to ask any course-related questions that you have.

Smiling Businesswoman

Get unstuck for $399*

*$399 is temporary pricing while UDS is completed. The price is expected to increase to $599 by March 1.

I want you to be confident in your purchase and receive the guidance that you need in your trauma recovery. Set up a chat with me to address any questions about UDS or my other courses.

I will answer whatever questions and concerns that you have about UDS without pressuring you. I promise, no sales pushes. I simply want you to have clarity and buy with confidence.

More from UDS Beta Participants...

UDS is still unrolling, but this is what people have been saying so far.


"The whole thing presents getting unstuck from a perspective I haven't seen before, and believe will be tremendously helpful."


"Relevant, meaty, helpful, the right level for the next stage after BSA."


"The pacing, the examples, and how you made it so the listener could use it right then and there. You also gave practical examples of pendulation and titration, and helped explain mixed states better through the illustrations, examples, and the way you use words to help people track their own states. EXCELLENT! REALLY!... THANK YOU!!!"

Laughing Portrait

Get relief now.

Somatically-based mindfulness is the most important component to true and lasting trauma recovery. It addresses stuck trauma on a fundamentally biological level, directly where the trauma lives in your body.

Unstucking Defensive States takes you through the entire process of mindful self-regulation and teaches you everything you need to finally climb your Polyvagal ladder and release the stuck defensive state within you.


Join UDS today and take the next steps to finally get the relief that you deserve and need. You’ll be supported by me every step of the way with direct access during my virtual meetups. I can’t wait to see you inside, Fellow Stucknaut.

Inside of UDS

You won't be left in confusion or alone.

  • Virtual meetups twice a month so that you get every question answered and never have to wonder

  • Private discussion group so you can connect with other students of my courses

  • Lessons in clear language so it’s easy to understand the first time

Goodies inside of UDS

  • Printable lesson sheets to reinforce your learning

  • Exclusive video lessons so you can easily refer to what you learned when you need to

  • Guided practices and examples so that you can understand and practice as you’re ready

Trauma recovery - phase 3

You've learned the Polyvagal Theory and likely began to build the strength of your safety state. You're curious about what else is within you and how to get relief from your stuck defensive state.

That's where Unstucking Defensive States fits. UDS is the final phase of my Polyvagal Trauma Recovery System. It's part of the larger System, but is available a la carte if you know this is all you're missing in your recovery.

UDS is not therapy, of course. But I use these same techniques and ideas with my therapy clients and in my own self-regulation. I packaged them for you to use in your own self-paced work. 

Meet your unstucking guide


Justin obsessively studied the Polyvagal Theory after looking for ways to improve his therapy outcomes with heavily traumatized clients. He is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in working with trauma and uses somatic techniques and his deep knowledge of the Polyvagal Theory in his work.

He is currently working for a public school district and in his private practice in Lodi, California. He has also worked in juvenile halls, residential substance abuse recovery, outpatient non-profit substance abuse treatment and county outpatient mental health.

Justin has presented the Polyvagal Theory to pretty much everyone on a global level through his successful podcast - Stuck Not Broken.

Money Back Guarantee

Don't worry about the cost of UDS.

If you don't like UDS or it's not effective for you for any reason, simply let me know you want a refund* I will give it to you with no questions asked.

Seriously. No questions asked.

I had a horrible experience when buying a course that I hated and getting a refund was a huge hassle. I don't want you going through that.

*Is it a full refund?

I will give you a full refund minus any fees that I incur. Sorry, but I don't want to pay for you to try out my course. I hope you understand.

I want you to have confidence.

I want you buying UDS with clarity and confidence. You can schedule a chat with me to address any questions you might have about the course or even my other courses.

I promise - no sales pressure. 

I had a really bad experience with a call like this in the past and make sure to not get remotely close to what I went through with the people that schedule a chat with me.


Is UDS stuff that I already do? Like coping skills?

Definitely not. Coping skills are great for getting through a moment of mini crisis, like anxiety or stress before work. UDS is not that. UDS teaches you how to feel and experience your stuck defensive state and allow self-regulation to happen.

Are the UDS teachings available through your free content?

Not really, no. I might talk about general concepts through my free content, but UDS is very much unique. It builds on what is available in my free content.

When are the virtual meetups?

The Stucknaut Meetups happen twice a month. I try to schedule them at different times to give my global students opportunities to be present. They begin around 8-10am Pacific time or in the early to late evenings Pacific time, like 5-9pm.

Are the virtual meetups recorded for replay?


Is UDS part of your larger Polyvagal Trauma Relief System?

Indeed it is! It's the final phase of the System, building on a solid foundation of accurate and simple Polyvagal knowledge from phase 1 (PVT101), then a strong vagal brake from phase 2 (BSA).

I can't afford your courses. Do you offer discounts?

You can buy all 3 of my courses for a discount as the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System. The individual courses do not have discount options. Remember, on top of the self-paced course, you will get twice monthly direct access to me and my Polyvagal knowledge through the virtual meetups.

I also have loads of free content for you. I recommend starting with Stuck not Broken podcast episodes 101-109, which is the Polyvagal 101 series. I also have an ebook about connecting the Polyvagal Theory to trauma, which is currently free. There are more freebies in the Members Center as well.

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