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Calm Sea

Trauma recovery.
Finally. Really.

Live without shame or fear. Actively feel and relieve your stuck trauma through somatic concepts and skills.

You're ready for freedom.

You’re tired of living in shame, guilt, fear and panic. You’re tired of consuming trauma information from across the internet. You’re frustrated and ready to give up.


You want to live a life without dragging the emotional weight of trauma. You want to live with more freedom, self-compassion and confidence.

You’re ready to actively relieve your stuck traumatized state. You're ready for clarity, answers and direction without psychobabble.

Self-regulation made possible & practical.

Unstucking Defensive States is a simple and clear online trauma recovery course that teaches you how to self-regulate and actively relieve your trauma - without psychobabble. Clear concepts. Clear teachings. Clear guidance and practice.

Not sure about UDS?

Just schedule a chat with me and we can talk more about it. No sales pitches, no pressure, just clarity on your questions.

UDS is not for everyone.

UDS is made for the stuck individual that has learned the Polyvagal Theory and developed some capacity to stay grounded in their safety state. UDS is for the person that needs the next step - how to use their capacity for curiosity and mindfulness to feel into and relieve their trauma.

Unstuck is possible.

After taking UDS, you will be able to actively and purposefully feel your stuck defensive state with curiosity. You will mindfully experience your inner world from your safety state, not a bystander going through the extremes of dysregulation.

UDS is...

  • the next step after learning the Polyvagal Theory and building the strength of your safety state.

  • made for the person in trauma recovery, not professionals looking to build their skills (although they are welcome to be a part of UDS as well!).

UDS is not...

  • a repackaged webinar. UDS is an online course built on the Polyvagal Theory from the ground up.

  • the starting point for trauma recovery. UDS is the third phase of my Polyvagal Trauma Recovery System.

Focus on your stuckness.

UDS is about you. The real you that exists right here and right now. UDS does not use up any time or mental energy on abstract psychological ideas like “parts” or “shadows” or “ego”. UDS makes self-regulation practical and simple, built on the science and application of the Polyvagal Theory.

Is UDS worth the cost?

Hell yes it is.

  1. You get in-depth, clear teaching on how to relieve your trauma, with guided practices.

  2. UDS has a 14 day money-back guarantee (more below).

  3. You can schedule a no-pressure no-sales chat with me for free and I am happy to answer any concerns or questions you have about UDS.

Will UDS actually help?

I know you might be thinking that this is too good to believe. You might be worried about whether UDS is truly going to help. UDS is a self-regulation practice built on the effective teachings and techniques I already use with my Clients and for myself.

And just like you, I want you to be successful and get the relief you deserve. I believe in UDS so much that I offer a 14 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

2 options for UDS enrollment:

Join UDS by purchasing the course solo or get access to all of my trauma recovery courses and private community for one low-priced subscription.

$400 one-time payment

UDS course only

One purchase gives you lifetime access to Unstucking Defensive States. Perfect for the person uninterested in my full trauma recovery system and private community. If you just want BSA, this is for you.

$300/year or $90/quarter

Total Access Membership

All Courses + Community Access

Get UDS and my entire Polyvagal Trauma Relief System and private Stucknaut Collective community.

You're worried.

(and that's completely okay.)


"Yes! This stuff is SO great! I love how you've laid it out, defined it all, and linked it together. I had no idea we could have such a great tool for this work. This really is revolutionary."




"The pacing, the examples, and how you made it so the listener could use it right then and there. You also gave practical examples of pendulation and titration, and helped explain mixed states better through the illustrations, examples, and the way you use words to help people track their own states. EXCELLENT! REALLY!... THANK YOU!!!"

-UDS Beta Participant

"excellent stuff!"

"I am a Christian counselor working with trauma and especially sexual abuse. I have been for 16 years now, and am also [a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner], so this stuff makes sense to me... [UDS] is excellent stuff!"

-UDS Beta Participant


"This is THE MOST AMAZING THING ever! You have taken PVT and made it accessible to me in a way Steven Porges, Deb Dana, and Peter Levine haven't."



Get relief now.

Somatically-based mindfulness is the most important component to true and lasting trauma recovery. UDS addresses stuck trauma on a fundamentally biological level, directly where the trauma lives in your body.

Unstucking Defensive States takes you through the entire process of mindful self-regulation and teaches you everything you need to finally climb your Polyvagal ladder and release the stuck defensive state within you.


Join UDS today and take the next steps to finally get the relief that you deserve and need.

Trauma relief phase 3

You've learned the Polyvagal Theory and likely began to build the strength of your safety state. You're curious about what else is within you and how to get relief from your stuck defensive state.

That's where Unstucking Defensive States fits. UDS is the final phase of my Polyvagal Trauma Recovery System. It's part of the larger System, but is available a la carte if you know this is all you're missing in your recovery.

UDS is not therapy, of course. But I use these same techniques and ideas with my Clients and in my own self-regulation. I packaged them for you to use in your own self-paced work.

Meet your guide.

I obsessively studied the Polyvagal Theory after looking for ways to improve my therapy outcomes with heavily traumatized clients. For months, you could not find me without also seeing my face buried in one of the primary sources of the theory (with a dictionary in hand).


I am a therapist & Coach specializing in working with trauma, using somatic techniques and my deep knowledge of the Polyvagal Theory in my work. I've taught the Polyvagal Theory on a global level through my successful podcast, but also to many populations directly: teachers, social workers, police, therapists and more. I also took the PVT to the next steps and created the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System, a comprehensive trauma relief program.


UDS & then some.

  • exclusive UDS lesson transcripts to reinforce your learning

  • journaling prompts to integrate your learning with your direct experience

  • more Polyvagal knowledge specific to the unstucking process

  • exclusive in-depth video lessons

  • printable PDF of lesson slides to review on your own time


Optional add-ons

Access to me & a private community

You can add an optional subscription to get access to me and a private community for $20/mo. This gives you access to:

  • 2 live virtual Q&As per month with me and others

  • private discussion group


Work with me as your personal trauma-recovery Coach

Highly individualized guidance and numerous touch points.

Find  out more about working with me as your Coach >

Stuck Not Broken:
Total Access

Courses & Community membership subscription

One subscription for all of my trauma recovery courses and private community.

3 months free at $270/yr

or $90 for 3 months

Money back* guarantee.

No questions asked.

If you don't like this course or it's not effective for you for any reason, simply let me know you want a refund* within 14 days and I will give it to you with no questions asked.


*Is it a full refund?

You will get a full refund minus any fees incurred, like payment processing.

Refund offer is for purchase of this course only, not for subscription payments, like with Total Access.

Buy with confidence.

Schedule a no-pressure chat with me to address any questions you might have.

My promise - no sales pressure. None. Zero. Zilch. You will not be asked to pay during this call. I'm there purely to answer any questions you have.

Click here to book a chat >


I can't afford it!

That's why I made the Total Access Membership! For a low price, you can subscribe to all my trauma recovery courses and be a part of my private community.

Learn more about Total Access >

Are your courses just stuff I already do? Like coping skills?

Definitely not. My courses are designed to take you beyond coping and into self-regulation and trauma recovery.

Is this course part of your System?

It is! PTRS is a bundle of all three of my trauma recovery courses. And PTRS is a part of my Total Access Membership.

Learn about PTRS >

Can I find the course info in your free content?

Not even close. My course curriculum is much different from my free content. The free stuff teaches you what, the paid courses teach you how.

Is access to community part of the course purchase?

No. You must be subscribed Total Access Membership, which has community and all courses in one subscription.

Do I get access to the meetups?

No. You must be subscribed Total Access Membership​, which has community and all courses in one subscription.

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