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Justin Sunseri, LMFT 99147

More safety.
More calm. More clarity.

through my Building Safety Anchors course.

I'm Justin Sunseri, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that thinks the world needs a new paradigm for mental health.

Justin Sunseri aka JustinLMFT

I love being a therapist and I love teaching about trauma and mental health.

From East Side San Jose to the Mission District of San Francisco.  In Stockton or even the more affluent Palo Alto.

Trauma has been a constant underlying factor with nearly everyone I've worked with since 2008 - in the public schools, county outpatient clinics, group homes, foster care, juvenile halls and online private practice.  It's become the core focus of my professional development, especially the Polyvagal Theory.

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Clear Polyvagal Theory
in less time

through my Polyvagal 101 virtual class.


I don't believe you're broken.  You might believe that.  But I simply can't join you.  You can improve your life.  You are capable of doing so.  The issue here is being stuck.  Stuck in a defensive autonomic state: flight, fight, shut down or freeze.  You're stuck.  Not broken.


There is hope.

Built on
the Polyvagal Theory.

Everything that I create is grounded in adherence to the primary sources of the Polyvagal Theory. The Polyvagal Theory is my springboard for my content and courses.


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