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Mental health without psychobabble.

Learn clearly and apply simply.

Hi, I'm Justin.

I'm Justin Sunseri, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that thinks the world needs a new understanding of mental health. One that's simplified, easily accessible for anyone and doesn't rely on abstract psychobabble or woo-woo.

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Polyvagal primary books list

There's a lot of bad Polyvagal info out there. Stick with the primary sources. Get my free Polyvagal primary book list by subscribing to my emails.

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Stuck on your trauma recovery journey? The Total Access Membership provides the tools and connections to move forward.

My most popular freebies.

Polyvagal intro

My Polyvagal Intro page is the perfect launchpad to begin learning.

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Learn the Polyvagal Theory and connect it to trauma.

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The free Member's Center has curated Learning Hubs and downloads.

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I teach about Polyvagal Theory and mental health on the Stuck Not Broken podcast.

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I think you're stuck.
Not broken.

I don't believe you're broken. You might believe that. But I simply can't join you. You can improve your life. You are capable of doing so. The issue here is being stuck. Stuck in a defensive autonomic state: flight, fight, shut down, or freeze. You're stuck. Not broken. There is hope.


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