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Workplace Environment & Culture

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

We already know that the environments we spend time in are filled with cues of danger and safety. The workplace is no different. But what about how our coworkers, the work culture and work hierarchies? Mercedes & I take a look at a couple new aspects to the workplace that might be affecting your place on the polyvagal ladder.


Before jumping in… why?

  • We spend so much time at work

  • How this affects your nervous system, and subsequently the rest of your life, like your Stories and Relationship patterns

Standard ones like in the school series: Sounds, proximity, lighting, temperature, cockroaches or rats? Things that will be a cue of danger and be more sympathetically charging.

Also the people - the ones you work WITH. Do you work alone or in a team? Is it a culture of collaboration or competition? How about the people you work FOR? What's your story about your employer? Both the supervisor and the agency.


  • Being greeted, being comfortable, feeling valued and like you are a part of the team

  • Acknowledged, paid fairly, considered, supported

The culture of the workplace

  • Does your workplace value and promote co-regulation?

  • Humor in various settings as a way to cope

  • Is self care encouraged?

  • Is it a culture of acceptance and warmth and support?

  • Hierarchy?

  • Toxic environment? Like gossip, complaints, talking trash about each other, cliques with co-workers.

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