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Understand your trauma without shame, blame, or judgment.

Polyvagal 101 teaches the Polyvagal Theory easily and accurately in under two hours.

You have questions.

You’ve started learning the Polyvagal Theory, but are left with questions and confusion.​ It’s frustrating, I know. Because the Theory seems to have the keys to understanding yourself, your mental health and your trauma better.


You know there’s an explanation for your anxiety, anger or depression right in front of you and are eager to learn more.


And you’re right. It does. The Polyvagal Theory can give you the answers that you need. And it does so without judgment. Without shame. Without blame. Without ridicule or pressure. 

You want clarity.

You simply want to understand the Polyvagal Theory simply. You want to connect the pieces and get clarity on your questions.


When I first heard of the Theory, I was researching how to better help my traumatized therapy clients. I was frustrated with my outcomes and with understanding what the heck is meant by “trauma lives in the body.” I obsessively researched and absorbed the primary source information for months and months.

All of my intense work paid off though. I got it, could teach it clearly and apply it.


My clients gained that deeper understanding they wanted and also gained a new narrative. They were able to shed the shame, blame and judgment of their trauma that they had been carrying.

Life after Polyvagal 101.

You'll have a new narrative.

You’ll have the knowledge necessary to create a view of yourself that does not include shame, blame or judgment. Your self narrative will be based on applying the science of the Polyvagal Theory to your specific life.

You'll be ready for the next phase.

Polyvagal 101 is the first phase of my Polyvagal Trauma Relief System. Laying a solid foundation of knowledge prepares you for the further work of trauma relief. Through PVT101, you will have the knowledge necessary for the next phase of your trauma relief path.

PVT101 is clear.

What PVT101 does...
  • teach the theory clearly and simply.

  • eliminate the complex language of academic research and emphasizes simplicity, while also remaining true to the primary sources.


View the PVT101 curriculum >

What PVT101 does not...
  • imagine new concepts or states.

  • reword the Polyvagal teachings; it stays true to the primary sources with a focus on simplicity and usability.

  • dump in random techniques to try like gargling or jumping into cold water.

PVT101 has a singular focus - teaching you clearly and simply the fundamentals of the Polyvagal Theory and how it connect to trauma. It prepares you for creating a new self-narrative and the next phase of trauma recovery.

PVT101 Goodies

Exclusive video lessons

The PVT101 video lessons are not available anywhere else. Learn the PVT with me in under 2 hours.

Journal prompts

Apply you new knowledge as you learn to start building a new foundational narrative.


Download the Polyvagal One-Pagers to for an easy reference.

Exclusive quizzes

Each lesson ends with an exclusive quiz to check your learning.

Learn simply and save time.

If you want to learn the Polyvagal Theory from me for free, I have it available on my podcast, YouTube channel, blog, interviews, and ebook. I have it everywhere and invite you to jump right into learning.

You could also spend months and months with a dictionary by your side, reading through the primary sources. Like I did. (Not fun for most btw.)

If you want all that information condensed into less than two hours, with exclusive video, course slides and beautifully designed downloads, then Polyvagal 101 is best.

Save yourself a ton of time and hassle by enrolling in PVT101.

PVT101 options:

$150 course purchase

Great for you if:

  • you want to own PVT101 for life

$800 courses package

Great for you if:

  • you want to own PVT101 and my two others courses for life

  • you want to save $150 compared to buying each course individually

Subscribe to Total Access

Great for you if:

  • you want all of my trauma recovery courses

  • you want the next steps after PVT101

  • you want to connect with others

  • you want a bunch of other perks

"oh my goodness!"

Oh my goodness!! First, Polyvagal 101 helped me understand my therapy better. I was able to let down my defenses of “ you’re not the boss of me” attitude and have a willingness to listen with a curious ear and then do my therapy homework. Second, the course helped me learn about myself and what goes on inside of me. It validates that I’m not a ‘freak of nature’ and that I’m not alone. ​-Sandra

"thank you!"

"Interesting, felt sense, body work, this biology info is news I can use vs a lot trauma info out there. Thanks!" -Stephanie

"normalizes & validates"

"...learning the terms and language surrounding PVT has been helpful not just to understand the system at hand, but to do so quickly and efficiently... [E]ven without delving into more intricate detail, learning these basics normalizes and validates the struggles that trauma patients face..." -Robin

"actually click"

Michele said the most impactful thing she learned was realizing she was "stuck in behavioral adaptations" and one lesson in particular made it "actually click in a way [she] could understand and see the problem clearly."

Trauma relief:
phase 1

Polyvagal Theory is the foundational knowledge needed in trauma recovery. Polyvagal 101 is the first of three phases in my Polyvagal Trauma Relief System.

Enroll in PVT101 now to start laying your foundation. Or learn more about the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System.

I'm a Polyvagal Nerd.

I delved deeply into the Polyvagal Theory to enhance my therapy outcomes for heavily traumatized clients. Now, I specialize in trauma therapy with somatic techniques and a strong grasp of the theory. I've taught it globally through my podcast and directly to teachers, social workers, police, therapists, and more. I also developed the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System and serve as one of five Editorial Board Members at the Polyvagal Institute.


Can't I learn the PVT free?

Yep. I have lots of free Polyvagal info all over the place. PVT101 is different because it's all the Polyvagal essentials collected in one place and clearly connected to trauma in under 2 hours. If you want it free, use this resource.

Is PVT101 part of your larger System?

It is! PTRS is a bundle of all three of my courses. Each course has a function on its own and can be bought individually.

Learn more about PTRS here >

Will PVT101 teach me self-regulation and  trauma recovery?

No. PVT101 is purely focused on teaching the Polyvagal Theory and how it connects to trauma with some journaling options. Building Safety Anchors and Unstucking Defensive States are built for self-regulation, but should not be taken unless you know the Polyvagal Theory.

One subscription.
Total access.

Stuck on your trauma recovery journey? The Total Access Membership provides the tools and connections to move forward.

Spend less. Get more.

Dealing with trauma can be incredibly challenging, but the Total Access Membership can help you every step of the way. As a subscriber, you'll gain access to all three of my trauma recovery courses, one for each phase of trauma recovery. Plus, you'll get access to my private community to connect with others (if you want) so you won't be alone on your journey.

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