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3 step trauma relief starter's guide.

Getting relief from a stuck traumatized state is not only overwhelming, but downright difficult. There's tons of info out there on trauma relief. I put together a collection of my resources to get you started.

1. Lay the groundwork.

You need to understand the Polyvagal Theory before moving forward. Just like in my full Polyvagal trauma-relief System, understanding the PVT is essential.

3 step guide
Using PVT Safety
PVT One-pagers

2. Build safety.

To get the most immediate relief from your traumatized state, having new top-down narratives and developing the safety pathways are important.

Safety blog feed
Safety importance
Improve mindfulness
Safety playlist

4. Connect the Polyvagal Theory to Trauma

If you've got a chunk of time, read my free ebook!

3. Get unstuck.

After building the safety state, you can turn to actively experiencing and mindfully relieving your stuck defensive state.

Start getting unstuck
Emotion, Feeling & Sensation
Using creativity to get unstuck
5 tips for journaling
Identify your state
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