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Trauma Relief Starter's Guide


Getting relief from a stuck traumatized state is not only overwhelming, but downright difficult. There's tons of info out there on trauma relief. I'm going to guide you through learning about trauma relief, but built on the Polyvagal Theory.



You need to understand the Polyvagal Theory before moving forward. Just like in my full trauma-relief System, understanding the PVT is essential.

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To get the most immediate relief from your traumatized state, having new top-down narratives and developing the safety pathways are important.


Polyvagal Trauma Relief System

PTRS gives you a deep and clear understanding of the Polyvagal Theory, develops your safety state and finally gets you unstuck and feeling the relief that you deserve. The System is built from the ground up on the Polyvagal Theory, my personal self development methods and the interventions that I use as a therapist with my clients.

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