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I am a 52-year-old nonbinary human, (AFAB). I have three children, ages 16, 14, and 13. I am in the proces of breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma handed down from my great-grandfather who at age 8 was sent away to live with his sister and her new husband in the city because he could get an education there, and avoid spending a lifetime working in the coal mines. Plus his family couldn't afford to feed him on what they earned from the coal mine and the piece work my great-grandmother did. His sister resented his presence in her new life, and abused him every chance she got. School was not safe either: he was bullied because he was two years behind the other children, and his Highland accent marked him as different and backward. He ran away at age 10, by volunteering to be a cabin boy on a cargo ship sailing to North America, but the ship ran aground off of Nova Scotia, and he and all the cargo were sent back to Edinborough. He returned home to his family where his father was livid that he had wasted his opportunity to get an education and escape poverty. At the age of 10, my great-grandfather was sent to work in the mines, where he spent the rest of his life. His unresolved trauma was passed down intact to his son, who also ran away from his "one chance" at an education after after failing out of college his first semester after joining a fraternity and drinking too much. When my grandfather's dad found out what he had done, his dad never spoke to him again. My mother's childhood was marked by severe abuse and neglect, however, she began therapy when I was 16, and my healing journey begins with her. I am here to continue what she started, and end the transmission of trauma down through my own family. This ends here.

Rhys Ramey

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