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  • Stuck Not Broken: Book 1 Signed (+ PDF, ePub)
  • Stuck Not Broken: Book 1 Signed (+ PDF, ePub)
  • Stuck Not Broken: Book 1 Signed (+ PDF, ePub)

Stuck Not Broken: Book 1 Signed (+ PDF, ePub)


This bundle includes:


- Stuck Not Broken: Book 1 signed & dedicated

- printable PDF edition

- Apple Books ePub edition


I will sign and dedicate the book. If you would like something specific, please provide the dedication you would like me to use. Otherwise, I will write a warm and heartfelt thank you and dedication.



You’ve done “THE WORK,” and you’re over it.


You’ve been to countless therapy sessions, followed social media gurus, stayed updated on trendy pop psychology, attended webinars, taken medications, read every self-help book, and gone on wellness retreats. But you still struggle with anxiety, panic, anger, numbness, depression, rumination, judgment, blame, or shame.


You’re stuck. But not broken.


Stuck Not Broken: Book 1 is the first of three comprehensive phases in a system designed specifically for traumatized people. SNB:1 clearly teaches the neuroscience of the Polyvagal Theory and then helps you understand yourself free of judgment, shame, and blame.


This book DOES NOT provide shortcuts, hacks, tricks, brain rewiring, parts work, eye movements or other bilateral stimulation, shadow work, dream analysis, tapping, ego work, wand-waving, trauma narratives, endless insight building, inner children, future selves, false selves, archetypes, auras, chakras, past lives, energy fields, astrology, signs, crystals, numerology, manifesting, fake affirmations, forced gratitude, or other psychobabble or woo-woo.


This book DOES provide simple lessons written for anyone to understand. It also contains clear and practical steps to start getting unstuck.


About the Author: Justin Sunseri is tired of psychobabble and woo-woo. He’s a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California, a member of the Polyvagal Institute’s Editorial Board, and host of the Stuck Not Broken podcast. Justin created the Polyvagal Trauma Relief System-a clear and simple approach to trauma recovery and self-development.

  • There are no returns on this purchase. The book is signed and dedicated specifically for you. 

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