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Bottom-Up & Outside-In Ways to Change Your Polyvagal State / ep17 Show Notes

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Mercedes & I discuss how we personally use different bottom-up and outside-in techniques to climb the polyvagal ladder and reach a more safe & social state - music, dance, play, breathing and more.  We also discuss what it means to "allow" the process to happen in simple day to day application.

Polyvagal Breakdown of Gloria Estefan's "Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan"

Remember that 80% of the fibers in the vagus are going to the brain. That suggests that we can change our state from the bottom-up and outside-in.



  • Controlled exhale extends the parasympathetic activation

  • Noticing how your body naturally wants to breathe


  • Massages, holding hands, hugs, petting your pets!


  • Noticing what forms of play work best for your body

  • What types of movements to music feel right?

Allowing yourself to feel whatever it is and not stop the process

  • If your body wants to move a certain way, allow it to happen combined with mindfulness

  • Noticing the thoughts that stop the process of climbing the ladder from happening

  • Not psychological, it’s physiological


  • Why do you listen to the music you listen to?

  • Does your preferred music match your state?

  • Do you actually notice how your body feels listening to music?

  • You can use music to climb the ladder by bringing mindfulness to the experience of listening and noticing how it affects your body, combined with extended exhales

Music & Sounds by Benjo Beats -

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