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Bad Therapy 4 / show notes

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I really like the Bad therapy series. I like breaking these concepts down for people to apply to their own therapy experiences. And so far, I've had a fantastic response from people. Almost nothing but gratitude and even thanks for helping them to see that their therapist wasn't cutting it for them and it was time to move on.

Only a couple people have had an issue with this series... and they were both therapists...

These are actual examples of therapy experiences from my listeners/followers.

Before you read these and listen to my breakdown of them, no one is a perfect therapist. I don't even know what that would look like. I have made mistakes in therapy. There are things I wish I could redo. But the situations in the Bad Therapy series are outside of what is helpful in therapy. Some are just dumb. Some are really dumb. Some are mind-bogglingly dumb.

1. One therapist used to blame my family for everything. I called it hate inducing therapy. Said “my dad’s an alcoholic too, I get it.” Instead of asking questions to see that my real issue is abuse, not alcohol.

  • self disclosure is not necessarily a bad therapy practice...

  • Less is more. Listen and don’t speak sometimes.

  • Fine line in taking sides or not

  • Validating doesn’t mean agreeing

  • Really understand the issue. The issue we perceive and the issue they come in with might not be the same.

2. Attempted suicide at 15. Saw a psychiatrist who met with my dad prior to seeing me. Focused on sexual desires, why sex is bad and prescribed prozac. Never even asked about why i had attempted suicide, my anxiety or depression etc.

  • Therapy with teens can get muddy

  • Authority vs attunement

  • Lecture vs understanding

  • The priority is with the client, not necessarily the agenda of the parents

  • Ideally, we all meet together and discuss the goals of treatment

  • If we can’t agree, that’s a discussion point and opportunity to practice listening and communication

  • Damaged the alliance and this person’s future expectations potentially

3. The psychologist started using whatsapp while i was opening up to her. I felt disrespected!!!!

  • No. Just lots of no.

  • Therapeers - don't use your phone in session. Like, it's just - argh!

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