Can I be on your podcast?


I get asked this a lot and it's always hard to say no, but it's always a "no."  A few main reasons:

  • I don't know you, your message or what you're about

  • I don't have the time to vet you

  • This isn't primarily an interview-based podcast


The people who come on are people I am genuinely interested in speaking with, know their content and know they have something of value for my audience.

I reach out to people I want on.  No exceptions.  

Can I interview you?

Yeah, probably.

But my availability is extremely thin.  I'm only available a few days a week after 9pm pacific time.  Seriously.  That's it.  Family, career and creating my own content come first.

Otherwise, I'm happy to.  I've talked about the Polyvagal Theory on many others already.  I love doing them and spreading the message.

I'd like to see that you are at least three episodes in though.  

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