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No gimmicks, no tricks, no one-size mental health solutions. I provide clear & concise professional and personal education incorporating body & mind.


What's gone wrong in therapy

Biology has been neglected in therapy for decades. Instead, we’ve focused on creating new labels for those seeking help, modifying cognitions, training behavior and endlessly building insight. This neglect has created an unending supply of repackaged interventions that continue to build on a shaky foundation. My courses provide you with rock-solid somatic knowledge and interventions that are easily understood & applied.

Work on safety first

My Building Safety Anchors course is great for personal development that is not retraumatizing. To work on self-development, trauma recovery or even benefit from therapy, you need to be able to access your body's natural capacity to be safe. Building Safety Anchors helps you to lay a solid foundation of safety on a biological and experiential level.

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The Polyvagal Theory -
Simply. Clearly.

Polyvagal 101 is a perfect starting point for building a new professional or personal knowledge base that is nonjudgmental. If you're working 1:1 with clients or working on your own recovery, the Polyvagal Theory needs to be a piece of your foundational knowledge. It's the science of human connection and provides insight into the therapeutic process. It also gives a specific definition of trauma and a map for coming out of a traumatized state.

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I'm Justin Sunseri, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that thinks the world needs a new understanding of  mental health.



I don't believe you're broken.  You might believe that.  But I simply can't join you.  You can improve your life.  You are capable of doing so.  The issue here is being stuck.  Stuck in a defensive autonomic state: flight, fight, shut down or freeze.  You're stuck. Not broken.


There is hope.

Everything that I create is grounded in adherence to the primary sources of the Polyvagal Theory. The Polyvagal Theory is my springboard for my content and courses.


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