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Jul 23

Bonus: I Think You're Normal


Something very different this week. Also a lot shorter. My goal was to really attempt to communicate directly to the listener and deliver a more personal message. I also wanted to clarify what I mean when I say someone is "normal." I'm glad I did this because it forced me to think about what that means.


I'd like to continue to write and record these personal messages as I am inspired to do so. I think they go a long way. Or they could, if I pull it off.


This is something I sent out to my email list and got a little feedback on before I decided to publish it. If you were one of those people, thank you!


You can read the open letter on my blog also -

So sweet, thank you!

I recently talked so another survivor who just started having SE and realized that the biggest thing we both took from it, apart from a lot of relief from stress and fear, was hope. Something neither of us had felt in the past years of our regular trauma treatment and neither of us expected it to happen. But as soon as we experienced polyvagal concepts in practice it was there. I know a ton about trauma treatment. Nobody spoke about a physically felt sense of hope before. This is so intriguing.

That's really beautiful, Theresa, thank you for sharing that. I personally find hope to be something I feel in a physical way. I'm not sure if I can pinpoint where or how, but to me, it has something to do with clarity. I'll have to do more noticing as I experience it!

@Justin Sunseri I discussed it with my friend to compare our experience and we are both pretty sure that it is a physical experience and that it is the result of attuned co-regulation. Like a felt sense of somebody there (as opposed to trauma abandonment) and active co-regulation on the level of our nervous system which translates into a felt sense of having help. That seems to do something really powerful but I also have to do more noticing... when we say that shutdown comes with shame and helplessness, sympathetic arousal with fear or anger, does connection come with hope? Levine talks about spiritual experiences patients have in their healing and I wonder if that is a piece of it.

(is this a place where you can be too nerdy?)

I don’t think you can be too nerdy here. It’s welcomed! That’s a really intriguing concept, again. Hope as a result of connection and co-regulation. Like a small piece of safe/social connection that’s budding up. Like the flower pot image I used. That makes a lot of sense. Love it!

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