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Jun 11

18: Top-Down Thoughts to Change Your State


Mercedes and I went straight at the heart of the matter in this episode. I personally find more value in addressing the thoughts that are a direct result of the state you're in. Addressing the fact that you're normal is going to directly affect the shame or blame that you have versus some standard thought-replacement sort of stuff.

I agree... Understanding that your thoughts come from the state you are in feels validating in and of itself. It’s like a stepping stone to getting to the place of self-acceptance (which I acknowledge is difficult to reach). This was a great episode!

I was surprised you didn't mention imagery, memory and fantasy in this episode. Neuroscience shows that when we imagine things our brain reacts as if it was real. That is why guided imagery is often used as a top-down intervention in trauma therapy. When we imagine the classic exercise of the Safe Place we basically create our own safety cues in our mind. Then out body starts to relax as well. It also works with remembering safe&social situations and imagining future situations of that kind.

That’s a great idea, you’re right. We’ll definitely have to touch upon that in a future episode. That honestly feels like a pretty big episode all on its own. I also plan on recording some guided imagery things in the future.

@Justin Sunseri If you ever want to record a combined imagery exercise for kids I would give you permission to record 'the little baahn't go on', something I wrote a while ago that was greatly received by therapists and children. includes a little sheep with colored-hair issues...

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