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May 30

16: Climbing the Ladder p1 / Listener Submissions


I of course loved recording this with Mercedes. And I am proud to say this episode involved the least amount of editing because we were (finally) so laser focused. Thanks once again to Carla-Jo, Emily and Theresa for you submissions.


I ended up using the technique to visualize a safe/social memory. I remembered the first moment my daughter held my finger after she was born. One of my best memories that I still feel. Problem is, this technique wasn't super helpful for me. But it inspired me to try a couple other things, including reminding me of the benefit of music and how it can help our state.

First, I’m always laser-focused! Second, my favorite aspect of this episode was having the opportunity to (literally) hear from some listeners. As much fun as I have recording the episodes with Justin, sometimes it can feel like it’s just the two of us engaging in this conversation. But with the listener submissions, I felt more connected with our Trauma Nerds community which was awesome. Thank you Carla-Jo, Emily, and Theresa for sharing your ideas with us and joining in the conversation.

Helen Davies
Oct 17


I’m sure I have heard you mention that moving up the polyvagal ladder can be difficult. is that in general or for trauma survivors? Also, can anyone explain that a bit more? Why is it difficult? Thanks

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