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Live Experience


9am-12pm Pacific

How is the live
experience different?



It's more interactive, including live polls, "experiments" to feel your Polyvagal states using mixed media and opportunities for Q&A. There is also an extra hour of presentation over the pre-recorded.

Purchasing the PVT101 Live also gets you access to the course and a PVT101 private group chat.

General admission gives you access to the live webinar and the pre-recorded course.



VIP Admission is limited to 5 tickets and give you access to 45 minutes of Open Q&A with Justin.

Work on safety first

My Building Safety Anchors course is great for personal development that is not retraumatizing. To work on self-development, trauma recovery or even benefit from therapy, you need to be able to access your body's natural capacity to be safe. Building Safety Anchors helps you to lay a solid foundation of safety on a biological and experiential level.

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The Polyvagal Theory -
Simply. Clearly.

Polyvagal 101 is a perfect starting point for building a new professional or personal knowledge base that is nonjudgmental. If you're working 1:1 with clients or working on your own recovery, the Polyvagal Theory needs to be a piece of your foundational knowledge. It's the science of human connection and provides insight into the therapeutic process. It also gives a specific definition of trauma and a map for coming out of a traumatized state.

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I'm Justin Sunseri, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist that thinks the world needs a new understanding of  mental health.

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I don't believe you're broken.  You might believe that.  But I simply can't join you.  You can improve your life.  You are capable of doing so.  The issue here is being stuck.  Stuck in a defensive autonomic state: flight, fight, shut down or freeze.  You're stuck. Not broken.


There is hope.


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Polyvagal springboard

Everything that I create is grounded in adherence to the primary sources of the Polyvagal Theory.