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Building Safety Anchors [Previous Version]

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BSA is ideal for you if you understand you are responsible for your own change and would be best served through a guided course. It's taken at your own pace without the added pressure of a time limit. The steps are intended to help you get more grounded in the present moment through small doses of learning and doing. You will learn 6 distinct paths to be more in the present moment and tailor them for your specific and wonderful nervous system. This course is NOT for someone that is looking to "heal" their trauma. It can be helpful in laying the foundation for that, but it's not the goal of the course. Before doing that further work, the foundation of safety needs to be laid. That's what BSA is about - identifying and building safety, building the vagal brake and the capacity to be in the present moment. Includes: 7 original learning modules in printable PDF and 45 minutes of downloadable audio; six of the modules exclusive to the course and not available anywhere else. Also includes access to a private BSA group, numerous journal prompts and optional steps for further learning. Terms of Use -

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