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BSA Downloads

Download and print out BSA helpful materials here.

BSA downloads:

Safety Words List

Lesson Sheets

30 Day Challenge

Download now >

& More!

The Total Access Membership includes other goodies, too:

  • bi-monthly live Q&A Meetups with Justin

  • a private podcast with exclusive audio

  • resource center

  • course downloads


Join my small, private community of people on a trauma recovery journey, just like you. You won't be alone and will always have a place to ask questions, share your thoughts, or get a few words of encouragement.


Access all three of my trauma recovery courses to learn simply and clearly.

  • Polyvagal 101

  • Building Safety Anchors

  • Unstucking Defensive States

Trauma recovery courses & community in one subscription.

Stuck on your trauma recovery journey? The Total Access Membership provides the tools and connections to move forward.

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